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    Learning and Development Track - JW17 (suggestion)


      Solving the "Universal Use Case" with Jive


      Regardless of the size of your organization, the types of products or services it provides or the industry it competes in, learning and development is a critical function. Knowing how to do one's job, being able to find needed information/insights and leveraging internal know-how to solve new problems are a few ways that effective learning practices directly impact the bottom line. In other words, learning is the "universal use case."


      Learning, like most things these days, is being transformed by technology, the global marketplace and the speed of business. It is evolving away from traditional event-based classroom training to blended learning experiences. These experiences are dynamic, on-going and they leverage the strengths of online content and social interaction. Another part of this evolution is the recognition that informal learning - the peer-to-peer and self-directed sharing of information, insights and resources - is key to how we each get our jobs done every day. Capturing and surfacing this tribal knowledge enables employees to perform better. Because of its comprehensive functionality, Jive is enabling this evolution of the learning function, a use case that is universally applicable to any organization.


      To demonstrate this, Pokeshot proposes the creation of a separate Learning & Development track for JiveWorld 17. Over the last couple of years a growing group of customers have expressed interest in seeing Jive explicitly highlight the use of their platform to achieve learning-related outcomes. After JW16, key stakeholders in the Learning group requested that we sponsor a Learning Unconference. Rather than create a separate, unofficial event around a topic that has value for partners, community managers/advocates, prospective customers, sales, etc., its time to harness the recurring interest in this topic and launch a new track for JW17. The purpose of this track would be to showcase the different ways that Jivers are using the platform and its ecosystem as a performance support tool, a knowledge management solution and an alternative to a Learning Management System (LMS). The underlying outcomes to this track could be: 1) deepen your organization's use of Jive through learning-focused use cases and 2) boost engagement by creating learning communities.


      Below are some potential topic areas that could be used to organize submitted proposals for sessions. (Please note: many of these were compiled from the Learning group in the Jive Community and it is anticipated that several Jive customers have submitted or will be submitting proposals on at least some of these topics.)


      • Social Learning
      • Blended Learning
      • Online Learning
      • Informal Learning
      • Communities of Practice
      • Leadership Development Programs
      • Developing Social Leaders
      • Jive as a Learning Hub (LMS integration)
      • Jive as a LMS alternative
      • Just-in-Time Learning / Training (performance support)
      • Training / Developing Customers and Partners
      • Curate/Access Learning Resources
      • Create Knowledge Base (knowledge management)
      • Use outcomes/content from collaboration for future learning
      • Onboarding
      • Sales Enablement
      • Measuring the Impact of Training on Community
      • Business of Learning (higher education, K-12 schools, professional associations, content providers)



      Using the structure of 8 sessions over two days, below is a draft outline of what the track could look like. Unless otherwise noted, session topics and/or speakers are proposed/unconfirmed.


      Day 1
      Opening session - Andy Wooler, Hitachi Data Systems: The Invisible LMS: Using Jive as Part of Your Learning Ecosystem (See "Bringing the Invisible LMS to Life")
      Session A - Pete Rendek, Avnet Technology Solutions: Customer Sales Enablement and Training with Jive in a B2B environment
      Session B -  Anne Bartlett-Bragg, Ripple Effect Group: Digital Capabilities: Where People and Technology Intersect
      Session C - Amy Castillo, Al Redding, Trinity Health: Recreating the Modern Conference with Jive


      Day 2
      Opening Session - Cheryl Bisram, Jive Software: User Enablement in the Jive Community
      Session X - Emily Joy Bembeneck & Matthew Cohn, University of Chicago: Jive for higher education.
      Session Y - Keeley Sorokti, Commvault: Selling is a Team Sport: Integrating Jive-n into all aspects of a Sales New Hire Program
      Session Z - Roundtable Discussion (moderated by Stephan Muller-Ziebur, CEO of Pokeshot): Potential participants: Keeley Sorokti, Amy Castillo and Al Redding, Andy Wooler, 7Summits and Social Edge. Topics could include:

      • value of Jive as an alternative or supplement to LMS
      • the future of social learning
      • how enabling learning w/ Jive affects engagement in their community
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          Hi „L & D Folks“,


          please find our suggestion for a Jiveworld17 „Learning and Development Track“. Please be invited to further shape the agenda and track sessions. If you have already created an agenda for a track session - please post it and we can link the individual sessions in the track.


          Any comments are welcome.


          Let's hope for a great „L & D“ Track at JiveWorld17.


          Best regards



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            Keeley Sorokti

            I submitted a 60 minute presentation proposal today titled: Selling is a Team Sport: Integrating Jive-n into all aspects of a Sales New Hire Program 

            This would be Day 2, Session Y on your agenda.



            • Anyone responsible for or in a supporting role for onboarding and welcoming new employees/community members
            • Community Managers/Strategists/Directors who want to learn how to partner with departments and teams to help them leverage Jive to support their business goals
            • Community managers interested in becoming more of a business partner and moving into a strategist role.
            • Learning & Development professionals
            • Sales Enablement professionals
            • Anyone interested in taking their community to the next level. The social learning use case is a great way to infuse new life into a mature community.
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              Keeley Sorokti

              I am also happy to serve on a panel or help in some way with these topics:


              • Using Jive for Social Learning in Higher Ed and Corporate – I have launched three Jive cloud communities, all with learning use cases (Northwestern, MapR, Commvault).
              • Using Jive as a Learning Community in Higher Education – I launched the MSLOC Jive–n cloud community (The Hive) in 2012 (at Northwestern University). I spoke to Jeff Merrell, MSLOC Associate Director, who is unable to attend JiveWorld. He gave me permission to share our story as I am still an alum in the Hive community even though I don’t work there anymore. See materials about the MSLOC use of Jive:
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                This would be of great interest and would make me consider going to JiveWorld. Look forward to hearing more.

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                  I'm happy to serve as well, particularly around social learning, Jive as an alternate LMS, and Jive for higher education.


                  I submitted an abstract yesterday which you're welcome to view here: Jive Abstract - Google Docs

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                    My huge thanks to Stephan and Stan who worked on this following a great meeting we had a few weeks ago.

                    Having discussed the need for such a track or "unconference" at Jiveworld, i am very excited that we have got to the position whereby we have have the support of Jive's only Learning Partner together with some of the key players in this community. Thanks you all for your support and conference presentation submissions.

                    I believe that with Stephan's support, we will get this track on the agenda!

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                      Hi Libby Taylor, Iain Goodridge,


                      would it be possible to move this discussion to a public place (e.g. a group for Jiveworld17 ) so a bigger audience can participate in this discussion?


                      Thanks Stephan

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                        Libby Taylor

                        Hey greater JiveWorld audience, we'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic of discussion. Thanks!

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                          Hi All!

                          I think I'm a little late to the party (timezone differences I think) I've submitted an abstract for a 60 minute presentation already:


                          Title: Digital Capabilities: Where people and technology intersect.

                          Digital capabilities exist at the intersection of people and technology. These evolving capabilities are not about the technology; they go beyond skills sets to be mapped against competency frameworks. They have become a new way of working and learning that evolve as the organisation transforms its foundational elements of being in business – how people interact inside the company, how work and learning is organised, how information is shared, how customers engage with the company.


                          It's a framework I've developed over the past 10 years of research that enables people to be more effective in their use of technologies.

                          Based on my original PhD (in educational psychology) into how people learn using social networks (underpinned by social learning theories). Its intended to provide a pragmatic approach to enabling people within organisations to perform (working & learning) at their best, while increasing the benefits of a digital workplace for the organisation. 


                          Realising I'm a little late to be included, I'd be happy to be on a panel as well to share my experiences.


                            • Re: Learning and Development Track - JW17 (suggestion)

                              Hi Anne. Thanks for sharing your speaker proposal here! It's not too late at all...thus far we have proposed a framework and outlined some possible sessions but nothing has been finalized at this point. Based on the way I read your abstract it seems to be a combination of social business and human resource management/organizational development. This is not - imho - an element that's currently represented in the learning track. It certainly seems appropriate to dedicate a session to a "framework" (model) - which was part of the intent behind our suggesting the 70-20-10 session. This is still a work-in-progress - we'd like other Jivers who have submitted a learning-related proposal to do as you have done and share their topics/abstract - so please stand by as we gather more information. Also appreciate your willingness to serve on the panel! As we secure final approval for the track and finalize sessions, we'll have a clearer idea of the kinds of things the panel can then focus on. More here soon!

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                              Stephan et al.

                              Here are abstracts we (Trinity Health) submitted last week for JW17. We hope to see a Learning track as well, as we are using Jive consistently to support social learning and collaboration across the care continuum that we serve.

                              Story #1 - Recreating the Modern Conference with Jive

                              Audience: Learning Professionals, Healthcare Professionals, Community Managers

                              Abstract/Executive Summary

                              At Trinity Health, we have successfully used Jive to bring our clinical leaders across 93 hospitals and over 1000 practices together to learn and collaborate on clinical and leadership topics.

                              In this session, you will learn about how we have used Jive to deliver multiple "Virtual Summits" (conferences) to collaborate with and teach our leaders about critical topics, key initiatives, and emerging healthcare challenges. This solution has blended Jive, WebEx and other technologies to create an immersive learning experience.  Jive extends the value of these virtual summits by enabling pre- and post-event dialogue, a central "go-to" for information and collaboration among the community of learners.

                              We will shares stories about:

                              1. The business case for change (financial, time-related, adaptive)
                              2. The power of Jive to bring together a community of collaborative learners
                              3. The structured implementation and the "Virtual Conference Playbook" guide
                              4. The integration Continuing Medical Education credits into these programs

                              We will share success stories, obstacles we have overcome, and strategies for engaging physicians and clinical leaders in a new way to learn and grow.


                              • What was the business challenge we were trying to solve?
                              • We have a fiscal climate that makes in-person annual meetings cost prohibitive for the system to hold and for the local ministries to attend
                              • Many of our in-person annual summits were going to be cancelled if we did not find another way
                              • We had a critical need to reach our clinical leaders quickly with learning around healthcare transformation
                              • Clinical Leadership did not want to lose the opportunity to have people come together for learning
                              • How did we solve this business problem?
                              • The "Virtual Summit" model was created to provide a live, synchronous, virtual learning experience supported by Jive social learning communities. The Virtual Summits included the following learning activities:
                              • Pre-event, synchronous, and post-event communication, collaboration, and content sharing in Jive
                              • Pre-event enrollment, connection and collaboration, and distribution of materials in Jive
                              • Interactive table-top exercises that local teams discussed in small groups and reported back in Jive
                              • Use of interactive polling to gather direct audience feedback during the learning session
                              • Use of WebEx for the live presentation of materials
                              • Created Virtual Conference Playbook to provide planning tools to teams to replicate the success of the initial virtual summits


                              What were the benefits from using this approach?

                              • Saved facility, travel and expense costs for in-person event (over ~$150,000 cost avoidance)
                              • Eliminated resources needed for hosting large in-person event (facilities, support teams)
                              • Provided national access to significantly larger audience, while encouraging local team collaboration and application

                                jive-list-info='1' style="margin-top:3.0pt;margin-bottom:3.0pt;margin-left:.5in;text-indent:-.25in;background:white"

                              • Recorded presentations and provided online learning for continuing medical education credits after the event
                              • Poll Everywhere used for engagement and knowledge checks during the event
                              • Virtual recordings allow for broader access to presentations and other resources and asynchronous collaboration over time.


                              Story #2 - Connecting Clinicians Across the Care Continuum

                              Audience: Learning Professionals, Healthcare Professionals, Community Managers

                              Abstract/Executive Summary 

                              As a national health care provider operating over 1000 sites of care across the country Trinity Health has struggled with bridging physical and virtual barriers and the sharing and alignment of best clinical practices and knowledge sharing between roles, teams, and communities.

                              We have created Jive communities to break down these silos, bridge distance, and open up collaboration and learning opportunities between all levels of colleagues and clinicians across our 93 health systems. We connected a series of affiliated and program specific Jive groups to educate, problem solve, share best practices, and to standardize how we provide care across the continuum

                              In this session you will learn about how we use Jive as a social collaboration tool, while sharing the best evidence-based practices and learning opportunities with peers and colleagues across the country.

                              What was the business challenge we were trying to solve?

                              • Our Care Continuum extends from acute care hospitals through ambulatory care centers, physician offices, home care, senior living facilities, and affiliated care partners. There was no way for internal or external colleagues to reach out to peers or share best practices.
                              • Our partners and independent providers do not have access to the internal network resources or clinicians available to our internal colleagues.
                              • The Integrated Care Coordination initiative needed cross-functional collaboration to be effective
                              • System Leadership wanted to encourage sharing, and practitioners needed access to peers and content outside of their specialty.


                              How did we solve this business problem?

                              • We created eight separate private communities to connect clinicians within their specialty, and outside of the walls of Trinity Health with our affiliated network of providers and community health teams.
                              • We created a single point of entry to support system leadership and raise visibility of all of the affiliated communities.
                              • We used a puzzle graphic as both a visual navigator and a clickable image map on each group that linked to the others,
                              • Puzzle images demonstrated to all how their team could integrate with, and support other teams across this initiative, and the care continuum.
                              • This allowed members of one community to connect to, and engage with, peers in other related areas without having to leave the connectedness of the communities.
                              • This also created a way for external and affiliated physicians to connect with other clinicians, problem solve, and share evidence-based best practices. 
                              • Initiative leaders encouraged their teams to investigate other groups, and join with them through these Jive communities.


                              What were the benefits?

                              • Common look and feel of each group made other groups feel familiar.
                              • Connecting independent and affiliated colleagues and providers helps them feel part of the team.
                              • Best practice and problem solving happens both within and across a specific community, but also between communities, facilitated at times by system leadership.
                              • Extending dialogue outside of scheduled calls or meetings results in collaboration becoming a 24/7, asynchronous event.
                              • Jive Mobile helped colleagues stay connected and engaged to their communities anywhere.
                              • Creating broader two-way communication between peers at each system, and between System Office and leaders across the system
                                • Leveraging best evidence-based clinical practices
                              • Increases transparency between and across levels – now everyone is empowered by information and knowledge.
                              • Standardizing content and processes across our system
                                • Created a place to find "single source of truth" documents, with the ability to collaborate and comment, eliminating version control and access challenges
                                • Significantly reduced email volume for some teams, especially attachments
                                • Leveraging content consistently – sharing evidence based practice instantly


                              Story #3 - Growing Jive Community Gardeners at Trinity Health


                              Audience: Learning Professionals, Healthcare Professionals, Community Managers


                              Abstract/Executive Summary: Trinity Health is a large, multi-state Catholic Healthcare Organization with 93 hospitals, 120 continuing care facilities and 120,000 employees. The use of Jive as a social collaboration and learning tool to help solve healthcare challenges has skyrocketed in the organization over the last year. During this presentation you'll learn how we engaged community "gardeners" to extend the reach of Jive groups and harness the potential of the tool in a large, dynamic organization.



                              Business Challenge: Trinity Health is a large, multi-state Catholic Healthcare Organization with 93 hospitals, 120 continuing care facilities and 120,000 employees. The use of Jive as a social collaboration and learning tool to help solve healthcare challenges has skyrocketed in the organization over the last year. Jive groups are being created for project teams, communities of practice, peer-to-peer education and more.  As the number of communities has increased, so has the need for community advocates who will act as "gardeners" for the community, growing and sustaining the communities over time by performing duties like member management, communications and community engagement.



                              Solution: The solution was to create training for these individuals and grow a network of community gardeners who could share best practices for how to engage their own groups. The Trinity Health Talent Development department often takes the lead in working with clients to analyze the Jive community needs, work with clients to build the technical aspects of the group, and develop its short- and long-term strategy. Early on, we work with clients to identify the person who will take on the community gardener role. We engage that individual in the upfront design and build of the community so he/she can learn alongside us. We work with the community gardener to launch the group and train them on membership management, communications, creating/uploading content, community engagement and analytics. These community gardeners have access to their own community gardener community that includes job aids, discussions, training recordings and a safe place to test and ask questions



                              Benefits Realized: Healthcare is changing more rapidly than almost any other industry, and healthcare leaders and teams struggle with finding an effective way to collaborate with other professionals inside the organization. This approach has allowed the organization to rapidly grow the use of Jive and make the most effective use of Jive communities to collaborate on pressing healthcare issues like reducing readmissions, innovating alternative payment models, sharing best practices for redefined healthcare roles, integrating behavioral health into healthcare, and more. This approach also allows the Talent Development team to effectively serve more clients in the design and build of Jive communities. It has also helped our community gardeners feel prepared for success in their new role. Once the community launches we ensure sustainment with a trained, supported community gardener who is close to the individual work of the community and can most effectively spot opportunities for engagement.



                              Who We Are: Trinity Health is one of the largest multi-institutional Catholic health care delivery systems in the nation. It serves people and communities in 22 states from coast to coast with 93 hospitals, and 120 continuing care locations — including home care, hospice, PACE and senior living facilities - that provide nearly 2.5 million visits annually.

                              The organization was formed in May 2013, when Trinity Health and Catholic Health East officially came together to strengthen their shared mission, increase excellence in care and advance transformative efforts with our unified voice. With annual operating revenues of $15.9 billion and assets of $23.4 billion (as of 3/22/16), the new organization returns almost $1 billion to its communities annually in the form of charity care and other community benefit programs.

                              Trinity Health employs more than 120,000 colleagues, including 5,300 employed physicians. Committed to those who are poor and underserved in its communities, Trinity Health is known for its focus on the country's aging population. As a single, unified ministry, the organization is the innovator of Senior Emergency Departments, the largest not-for-profit provider of home health care services — ranked by number of visits — in the nation, as well as the nation’s leading provider of PACE (Program of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly) based on the number of available programs.

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                              • Re: Learning and Development Track - JW17 (suggestion)

                                Janice Mak, Stephanie Standring, laura lerner - seems interesting and related to some of our initiatives.

                                • Re: Learning and Development Track - JW17 (suggestion)
                                  Libby Taylor

                                  Katie Batten and Iain Goodridge Just want you both to be aware of this discussion. Thanks!

                                  • Re: Learning and Development Track - JW17 (suggestion)
                                    Libby Taylor

                                    Question for all of you... have you submitted an abstract already in the Speaker Submission form?

                                    • Re: Learning and Development Track - JW17 (suggestion)
                                      Libby Taylor

                                      Good news everyone! We have decided to have a Learning and Development track consisting of four 1-hour sessions. The track leads will be reviewing this thread and the abstracts that you have all submitted and will reach out to you very soon. They were handed the reigns just this morning, so please be patient with their response time. Thanks all for being so passionate about this topic!

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                                        Candace Loya

                                        Is the list of speakers for the Healthcare track available, yet? And if so, where can we find it?