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    Can I write an app to add a new link to Spotlight Search?

    mattdickens Intermediate

      So I have this alternative search tool (Visual/Related Term Search) that I'd like to allow people to link to from spotlight search. Although we are currently on a hosted Jive instance and can freely modify the theme to include a link, I'd like to understand what our options would be if we ever moved to a Cloud instance.


      In our current Jive 8 instance, we have already customised the spotlight search as in fig A and I am considering adding the link/search button to the Visual Search as in Fig B.


      So my first question is whether it's possible to make a change like this via a Jive app?

      And if it isn't, my second question is, what could we do on Cloud to provide users with a link to this alternative search (currently hosted in a group)?


      Fig A
      Fig B