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    JiveWorks is Planning to Upgrade to Jive 9

    Libby Taylor Expert

      In case you are wondering about the upgrade plans for JiveWorks, I figured I'd fill you all in.


      We made our request to upgrade to Jive 9 on the day Jive 9 was released. So the JiveWorks team is working as quickly as possible to be upgraded to Jive 9.


      Why not cloud?

      We are not upgrading to the cloud because our support customization in JiveWorks (the fabulous bi-directional Salesforce Case Wizard) cannot be replicated in the cloud. We've had this case wizard and support process in place for years and we know it works. Heck, it even wins awards! Because we don’t want our customer support experience to alter too much from what it is today, we will continue to stay on hosted until cloud allows us to bring the support customization with us or the cloud SFDC integration provides the features that we need.


      Questions, post them below!