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    ask widget starts a discussion - expected behavior?

    Frank Field Advanced

      Hi, everyone!


      Before I start a case, I thought I'd ask the group...


      Since a recent update, it seems that the widget called "Ask (space name)" is creating discussions in my Jive-x instance.  I've done a few searches and not come up with anything but "how to configure the widget" type of posts.


      Is this expected behavior? Or did I just "miss the memo JW content" that this is how that widget works?  I also don't see a configuration button to "mark this as a question" when creating the content.


      Here's the widget I'm referring to:

      ask widget.PNG



      When you click it, you get a discussion, not a question.



      Anybody know what I'm forgetting/missing/don't get?


      Is this the same issue as this JIVE-6810, as seen here: Customer Issues with 2016.1 Cloud Release ?