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    What are your reasons for Deleting content vs Marking Outdated?

    Stephanie Standring

      I was recently asked this question and I wanted to get an idea of what other community owners think on this topic. Perhaps there are other considerations I didn't think of.


      Is it purely preference (my current outlook on this), or is are there really good reasons why you would want to delete content in the community vs mark outdated? I found this other discussion that brings up search, but I agree with a comment in the post that content can be managed better to help with the search experience.


      I am not a fan of deleting content for the following reasons:

      • you lose tracking of the information that you have posted: user reactions, stats, processes, etc.
      • it changes your content counts in your community reporting - this might not be a big deal to some people/communities, but it could raise questions for those looking at the reports.
        • I am not sure what else deleting content impacts as far as reporting, so if anyone has that info pleas share. I couldn't find anything in the JC.
      • If something is outdated/no longer relevant, have it updated. I feel the tool lends enough flexibility to update and adjust the content.
      • in my experience, deleting content creates questions from users that knew the information existed in the community before. To avoid confusion it is better to mark outdated


      I think content should be deleted in the following situations:

      • when something is abusive or against our policy.
      • if it is test content
      • when the content is not relevant and will conflict or cause confusion with another process (you could probably still make the argument that it can be marked outdated).


      Anything I am missing?