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    Jive for Office/Outlook 30.7.7 (minor release)



      Today we've released a new version for Jive for Outlook/Office, version 30.7.7.

      This is a minor release that contains the following bug fixes:


      JENSO-8096 - Connectivity from Office to Jive is broken after moving a saved file to OneDrive folder

      JENSO-8115 - Missing inbox notification when marking a document for action and adding participants

      JENSO-8109 - Leaving a file in Jive for Office open and in edit mode causes page views counter to increase

      JENSO-8121 - J4O keeps prompting to download newer version


      Note:If you are running into the following issues:

      • The Jive ribbon is not showing
      • Getting an error message during install

      Please uninstall J4O using the Control Panel Add/Remove option, and then re-install the latest version.


      For installation instructions and download links, please refer to Jive for Office ModuleJive for Outlook Module.