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    Seeking Mentor


      Love the idea of having a mentor as I am a new (very new, only on the job 2 weeks) community manager.


      • Name, Title, Company: Anna Goree, Internal Communications Associate, athenahealth
      • Industry, # of employees: Boston-based Healthcare EMR, 5,000+ employees
      • Type of Jive community you have (internal, external, or both): we have both, I manage our internal community
      • Topics you'd like to discuss: tips and tricks, best practices, what's worked and hasn't for you, other items as they come up. As a note, I am reading up on the available resources
      • Anything else you'd like to share with your partner: I like to crack jokes, so hopefully you like a good pun every now and then, and I'll always say "bless you" if you sneeze


      Thanks! Hope to match up with someone good! I am planning on going to JiveWorld in May, so it'll be great to meet you all there!