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    Medidata's Custom: Tile Pages Comments Tile

    Nik Edmiidz Jive SME

      A few months back our internal Enterprise Reporting Team (ER Team) came to our Express Team (our Jive-N operations team) and asked if Express (our Jive-N instance) could be used to house a portal of Reporting Dashboards with embedded reports from Tableau, Jira's EZ BI and other reporting tools. Of course our answer was yes.


      Having already made the switch from widgets to tiles, we hit some barriers. The HTML Tile no longer allows space owners (without admin access) to embed iframes with JavaScript (which includes all Tableau iframes). But that was solved by me (an admin of Express) joining the ER Team. I had already been creating a Collaboration Datamart from data extracted from Jive Analytics and started to create reports in Tableau. And of course being on the Express Team I wanted to ensure the success of this use case (particularly the CXO dashboards) to help drive greater adoption of Express.


      The next big issue we had was "how to give feedback on the reports"?

      I suppose an easy solution would have been to embed a mailto:erteam@ourdomain.com?subject=thisreport link on every report-embedded page. But if we are trying to encourage discussion on Express, that wouldn't sit well.

      I asked "If only we could somehow comment on Tile-pages?"


      Then I considered encouraging the use of Jive Anywhere, but it seemed too much of a burden to ask our CTO to choose the space every time, so I submitted this idea for a .


      But what to do in the meantime?!?


      I realized that it could probably be achieved very easily with a custom tile. So I wrote up the requirements for a tile-page comments tile. And gave it to our wiz intern Tyler Ishikawa, who developed it in under a day.

      How it works is - it looks for a discussion in the same place with the same tile as the page it's on + " comments", and if there are any, it hyperlinks the word "Comments" to that discussion and gives a count of all the comments on the tile. It also has a textbox and button to submit comments directly from the tile-page, and if there aren't any existing matching  discussion, it generates one. Furthermore, it spoofs the user's account who inserted the comment, and creates the discussion and related comments with the user's account . This allows her to get notifications when an SME (who follows the space) replies to her question.


      I'm confident this will allow us to create effective CXO Reports Dashboards in Express complete with all the collaborative advantages of a Jive-n Intranet.


      You can find the source here and install it on your own Tile-based Jive instance.  If you make any improvements, please fork your changes and submit a pull-request for the benefit of others. If you don't have a developer on hand and need a copy of the zip file add-on, please comment below.