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    Personality-Type Badges in Bunchball


      We'd like to create a selection of missions (or badges, as like to call them) in Bunchball that all go live at once. They'll have different criteria for earning them, although the members won't be told what they are. The idea is that the badge is triggered by their behaviour on the community, earning them a "personality" badge (creator, follower, academic, leader, friendly, etc).


      The idea is they'll earn a particular badge "organically", because of the way they naturally interact with the community. That part's easy -- I know how to set up the hidden badges.


      However, what we want to do is set it so you can only ever earn one of the five badges. So if you get the "Follower" badge first, Bunchball would exclude you from the other ones -- that way, people don't wind up with... well, multiple personalities


      Is there a way to do this that anyone can think of? All five badges are available until you've earned your first one (whichever it might turn out to be), after which the others are locked for that specific member.


      Thanks in advance!