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    Seeking Mentor

        • Name, Title, Company:  Brooke Neuhart, Online Community Administrator, ADP
        • Industry, # of employees:  Human Capital Management - My specific division ~5,000 employees
        • Type of Jive community you have (internal, external, or both):  I work with our internal instance
        • Topics you'd like to discuss: 

      (I'l start with a top 3 but I could probably come up with more)

          • Improving engagement - we have varying types of users many of which do not have a lot of free time to explore our community.  While it's not considered a call center it has similar characteristics.  I'd like to find out how similar companies keep employees engaged (maximizing participates and creating positive contributors).  We've used gamification as a way to try to enhance engagement.  We find people like these and participate but don't always continue to engage after they complete.
          • Utilizing Tiles on Activity pages - Most of our communities were built as overview pages but as we see Jive move towards improvements with tiles we'd like to get more creative on how we can best organize our content
          • Reduction/eliminating the need for e-mail communications - Today, many of our posts to our Jive Instance are followed by a teaser e-mail with a "click here" to direct to the post.  How have similar companies reduced/eliminated e-mails?  We promote and teach how to use Jive for Outlook
        • Anything else you'd like to share with your partner
          • I've been a CM since November 2016.  I feel like I'm more of an intermediate Jive user.  I know the basics but I am looking to take our communities to the next level. 
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          The problems are very generic in nature. Most easy way to attract more participation is by making people's life easy.

          For Example : We put IT support guys on our internal Jive instance with well defined SLA and as a result we have seen significant improvement in number of active users on our instance.

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              Hi Pushpendra - it sounds like we may be using the instances in different ways.  The spaces I manage are generally for communications around our business.  Items that would be only in e-mail form if we didn't have Jive.  So, while we have no trouble with active membership (currently 95% of our registered users are active) we don't see a lot of participation within our communication areas for users who have to adhere to a defined schedule during the day.  I'm hoping other companies who have been successful in this area to share any thoughts or ideas.

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              Libby Taylor

              Hey Brooke, unless Pushpendra is your new mentor, you might want to leave your question unmarked as correct... otherwise people will think you've found your mentor. If you have found your mentor then ignore this comment !

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                Hi Brooke,

                I am interested in being your mentor.  I figured it is time to give back after having 10 years experience managing and implementing internal communities for over 20+ companies.  Here's my info if you choose to take this mentorship mission

                • Name, Title, Company:  Miriam Smith, Principal/PM Consultant, Beyond Social, Inc.
                • Industry, # of employees: Just me
                • Type of Jive community you have (internal, external, or both):  Managed internal, implemented both
                • Topics you'd like to discuss: All of your top 3 topics
                  • Improving engagement - sharing nuggets of wisdom in enticing employees/community members to explore your internal community, sharing what works and don't work from other companies.
                  • Utilizing Tiles on Activity pages - sharing recent experience of migrating widgets to ties and putting a migration path for Social Group/Space owners.
                  • Reduction/eliminating the need for e-mail communications - showing how using Jive for Outlook will give an employee back 10 mins of their time...and more.
                • Anything else you'd like to share with your partner:  Hoping to help you since when I was in your shoes and just starting out as a CM, there was no one around to go to.