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    Jive Rewards: How do you audit points activity?

    Adam Arrowsmith Intermediate

      I realize Jive Rewards reporting leaves some to be desired, but I'm wondering if anyone has found clever ways to reasonably confirm the missions and events points are configured as desired as well as investigate how a given user has earned the points he has? Is the only option spot checking with manual testing to 1) perform event, 2) refresh your profile, and 3) see that points were awarded? Try to infer based on which missions they've leveled up in? Also, how to know WHEN they earned those points (did they start off gung-ho but faded away, or start contributing more recently? My feeling is that's an awful lot of detective work.


      For example my most recent issue is just noticing that no one is earning points for creating documents. After drilling down into each strategy > mission and comparing them (using Christy Schoon's Jive Rewards Settings Workbook) I finally realized the Engagement > Report mission > "Create a piece of content" event is qualified with type=Document. I had this mission disabled but I feel like originally (~2016.1) this event was not specific to Documents so another mission's "create content" event covered it. (Anyone know if/when that changed??)


      I appreciate any insights or tips. Looking forward to Rewards reporting at some point....