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    Join the Chicago North Side Brewery Crawl - Sat, Feb 18, 2017


      8 New Craft Beer Havens to Visit When Exploring Chicago's North Side


      The best breweries in Chicago's North Side for craft beer fans planning a trip to Illinois.

      So, there's this app called Facebook and I shared this post about Chicago North Side breweries in it, and Beth Laking saw it and now she's flying to Chicago and we're going to visit breweries on the day after the upcoming Chicago Co-Working Morning at Workspring Downtown and Chicago User Group - Downtown on Feb 17, 2017

      So, if you like beer from craft breweries and like to see how it's made and talk to the people who brew it, you're invited to join us. Specific times and breweries are still to be determined, but reply here if you're interested in being part of it.

      Beer and Jive go together well, after all...

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