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    I can't create a task using the Producteev API

    msu-fischerp Novice

      I'm trying to create a task using the Producteev API with the CURL POST example: "curl -v -X POST --data '{"task":{"title":"Submit the new iOS App !tomorrow","project":{"id":"51fc32c0fa46348b0b00000b"}}}' "https://www.producteev.com/api/tasks/" --header "Content-Type:application/json" --header "Authorization:Bearer 5Fm-kYL08PpPU3VkYzTbCNO3-Ldzk8-COtjp3_7Xmto""


      When I use this I always get an error page instead of a json object.

      The task also doesn' get created.


      The error page says:


      Oops! Something wrong happened

      Error 405.

      The server returned an unexpected response and something went wrong during the process of your request. It could be only temporary, so try to refresh this page in a few minutes.


      All the other commands like creating a project and so on are working fine.


      It doesn't matter, if the project is restricted or open.


      Do you know a solution to this problem?


      Thanks in advance.