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    Why are users completing all my missions at once?

    ryanhlane Novice

      Hoping someone can help me with this (likely by pointing out something obvious I'm missing!).


      I'm looking to create some simple missions for my site users to complete. All they have to do is comment on an individual post to receive the bonus. I've created five of these. However, when a user comments on any of these posts, they receive all five bonuses:


      Here is my setup:


      In "Missions," I have a folder for "Bonus Missions." Within that folder, each individual mission has its own folder as well (as I thought having these all in the same top-level folder was maybe linking them together). On the About page for each bonus mission, I've included the URL for the specific post it should apply to in the URL field. I'm not sure what I'm missing here, but it's obviously something! Any help would be appreciated.