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    Documents stored on prem


      We are looking for a solution that will allow us to store documents on-prem but have access to them via Jive cloud.



      After reading the external storage framework options there are still several things that are not clear to us:

      Building External Storage Provider

      1. what will be the user experience? Can we have a similar experience to uploading document via Jive or do we have to create a different way to upload a document?

      2. Can the search work on external storage documents?

      3. Is there a product that you can recommend that will allow on-prem storage of the documents and works well with Jive?




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          Ryan Rutan

          You are correct, it sounds like an ESP is what you want.  In general, an ESP works seamlessly behind the scenes.  The UI for interacting with Jive is the same; however, on the backend ... binary is transmitted via middleware to the storage destination, and made available on-demand in similar fashion.  To be 100% transparent, ESF is a very involved integration ... and you'd definitely be better getting an integration off-the-shelf or from an experienced partner.


          2.)  Yes, Search can work on external documents.  In this scenario, maintains a local index of the searchable content/metadata from every document that Jive incorporates into it's search function.


          There are solutions available from Egnyte, Box, Google Drive, Office 365, etc... check out this page for more details:

          Extend | Jive Software


          Hope that helps. =)