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    I have invited someone and he's not showing up in people nor is he able to access the network I assigned him to

    woweezowee Novice

      I have invited someone ages ago to my network and put him as admin to the network. His email showed up briefly in my window, then disappeared. He didn't want to 'start' a network, he just wanted to join the one I invited him to (Producteev wouldn't let him in unless he started a network, so finally he did that yesterday). Anyway, so now he's in the producteev area but he still can't access the network I invited him to. He also did ensure he clicked the option to see all networks, not just his own.


      I tried to invite him again, but the message was you've already invited this person (or similar message).


      His email is his company email, is that the issue? It's not a gmail or yahoo etc.


      Please let me know how to proceed as I enthused about this programme to him (he's a trello fanatic) and this is not a good first impression!


      Thanks for your help.