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    Does anyone have criteria they use for what is deemed "news" for their internal community?


      We are planning on moving to cloud (off 6) this year. With the news feature and Jive Daily, how do you determine what's news and what isn't?


      i will likely write these from scratch but I would love to hear how other companies defined this, or not defined this. In my experience this is more art than science, but I'd rather not launch a new instance with too much of an 'entrepreneurial' feel.


      Do you go with your gut or do you follow strict guidelines that were set out when you built your community?

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          Dennis Pearce

          Strictly speaking, "News" for us is defined by our Corporate Communications team.  But there is more flexibility in that than there might seem to be.  Our profiles are synced with Peoplesoft so many of the basic fields are filled automatically.  We used this to our advantage in creating subscription streams, so we have streams for Worldwide News, Regional News, and Local News.  Everyone sees Worldwide News, while Regional and Local News are filtered based on the country or city of the user.


          Each of those is a space owned by Corp Comms and the news feeds are driven by blog posts in those spaces.  Although Corp Comms controls the blogs and writes many of the stories, they also actively solicit news items from others.  Corp Comms posts them but gives the author what amounts to a "byline." Retaining control over posting gives them the chance to edit the post for grammar and readability before it goes up.  So for example in the screen shot below, Lisa is our Corp Comms person who posted the item while Kim, who is a manager in Product Development, wrote it:




          In addition to the Corp Comms news items, we also have IT and Security system blogs as part of our worldwide feed so that any viruses, malware attacks, security issues, etc. can be communicated as quickly as possible.


          Along with the corporate news feeds we also have a feed called "From the Executive Team," which features executive blog posts.  While some execs have their personal blogs in this feed, we are also creating a more aggregate general executive blog that any exec can post to.  That way execs who might not be comfortable posting on a regular basis can still contribute when they have the urge without having to deal with a blog that shows only two posts in the last three years.


          Of course, the News page also shows your own custom feeds, so "news" as any individual user sees it will be a mix of corporate sanctioned stories plus whatever or whomever you happen to be following in your own feed.


          We have also had discussions about possibly creating business function subscription streams for groups such as Sales or Product Development, but haven't gotten to the point where we know exactly how we would like those to work yet.


          We also found that, although a subscription stream can take a feed from either a blog or a place, it's a little more manageable to limit the source to blogs.  Feeding from a place can mean that you might accidentally sometimes get uploaded files, discussions, etc. going into the feed that weren't really meant for broadcast.  So even when we want to publish videos, we embed them in a blog post because it's more manageable that way, especially since blog posts can be scheduled while everything else gets posted the minute it's created.

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              Hi Dennis,


              This is off topic but I visited your home page (thanks for the link), pardon me if this is a silly question, but I notice that you had a few drop down menu's (horizontally) on your landing page and was wondering how you did that and is that native to Jive.x?


              We are on our own instance of Jive 7 and that functionality is something we have been looking for once we upgrade to Jive 9.0.


              Thank you in advance,

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                Happy to know that we are not the only one who took the same approach on treating "news" as official corp comms.


                This might have been mentioned but from our end, since it's also link to Peoplesoft ie Active Directory, it's easy for us to link which news goes to which business, function, or region. We use autofollow to push official "news" to these three segments which go to one global stream. We didn't want to create different streams for each segment as we don't want them to get overwhelmed with so many streams.


                Previously each biz/func/region have access restriction in that only the corp comms people are able to post blog since blog is used for official corp news. But just recently we have found out that most of these communities have evolved in a good way, that is, they changed the permission setting from banning people to posting blogs to allowing them to post blogs but subject for the corp comms (who are also the place admins) moderation. This shared ownership made their people more empowered to contributing to their respective communities.

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