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    Which system property controls max page size for REST API /people/@all?

    billw Novice

      The Get All People API has a count parameter for the page size described in the docs as "Maximum number of instances to be returned (i.e. the page size) which will be bounded by the system property" however it does not specify which system property.  Empirically, the setting is 100 on our on-premise instance (since specifying count=500 only gives me 100).  When I view the list of system properties on our instance, I see no relevant ones with a value of 100.  Is it a configurable setting?  If so, what is its name?  Could it be added to the API docs?


      (I would like to raise the setting on our instance.  I'm doing a query for a very limited number of fields per person but we have thousands of people, so I'd like to retrieve more people per request.  Are there reasons other than request size that might make that a bad idea?)