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    Full additionalFields List for Jive Data Export Service API


      Using the V2 Jive Data Export Service (Analytics)


      Hi All,


      I just started using the Jive DES API a few days ago, and I've had a lot of good success querying pages, pulling down the default information, and loading it into Excel tables.


      My question relates to the default fields that are output for CSV export and the additionalFields query parameter for v2 of the API:

      V2 Data Export Service CSV Output Fields


      As you can tell, there are a lot of fields with specific identifiers. I use some of those fields and they are great. However, I'm wondering if there is a reference or a list of all available fields that I can add to my CSV report using the additionalFields query parameter. Can anyone direct me to where I can find this reference for use with the API? I've searched everywhere and turned up nothing. Thanks.