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    Calling all Alumni - How many JiveWorlds will this be and what are you looking forward to?

    cflanagan17 Expert

      Hey JiveWorld Alumni! How many JiveWorlds have you attended (or is it going to be your first?). And what are you most looking forward to?


      I'll start.


      JiveWorlds I've attended

      I've been to every JiveWorld since the start - so this will be my 8th JiveWorld!!. Another fun fact, this will be the year that I will have attended as many as Jiver as I did as a former customer.

      1. JiveWorld09 - customer (the very first one at the posh "W" in San Fran)
      2. JiveWorld10 - customer
      3. JiveWorld11 - customer
      4. JiveWorld12 - customer
      5. JiveWorld13 - Jiver
      6. JiveWorld14 - Jiver
      7. JiveWorld16 - Jiver (Jive didn't have one in 15 since we moved it to Spring)


      and now . . .

          8. JiveWorld17 - as a Jiver ... just around the corner.


      What am I most looking forward to?

      Can't wait for the customer speakers in the Mature Community Track Rob Ryan and I are track leading to share their stories. I'm always amazed at how many unique and truly remarkable stories we can find for this track year over year and this year our customer speakers won't disappoint.


      However, the single thing I am looking forward to the most is reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones. JiveWorld is one of the most special conferences in the industry where customers share and inspire each other with their passion and their great stories. Our customers are among the best, most helpful, most inspiring in the industry. I always find new energy from veterans and new comers alike! So if you see me - be sure to introduce yourself and say "hi"!


      Oh - I also usually plan some cocktail hour the Sunday night before Pre-conference day. Be on the lookout for some announcement shortly with details if you arrive early.



      Now your turn. How many JiveWorlds will this be for you and what are you most looking forward to?