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    Is there an API to publish to HTML widget in a space or subspace through rest?

    nelson.de.young@oracle.com Novice

      Dear Developers


      We publish hundreds of updates into spaces and subspace html widgets every month and nearly 6,000 a year.

      Users create content  using "Oracle Premium Content Builder" then automation applies formatting, css changes, checks content, and updates links.

      Once prepped content is copied into an HTML widgets in a spaces or sub spaces manually.

      Needless to say this is a costly operation and we would like a better way.


      Using browsers to update thousands of widget is expensive, and error prone.

      We would like to use a rest API, or Is a "better way to do this"?


      We have reviewed Jive documentation at Developer Introduction - Jive Developer  and there does not seem to be a way to update an HTML widget in a space or subspace .


      Can you describe how to use Jive rest interface to update an HTML widget in a community space or subspace?