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    What do you need to establish an intranet best practices program?


      I'm looking to establish an intranet best practices program that offers advice and content on how to optimize use of our intranet. What do you think are the basic elements necessary to establish such a practice?


      We're beginning with the following:


      Regular Content & Management Advice

      • Leader examples from our organization
      • Success stories from groups and intranet campaigns.
      • Best Practice Tip Sheets for Community & Group Managers
      • An Executive Playbook


      Awareness and Advocacy

      • An Advocates Program
      • Strategic planning advice for Intranet Campaigns & Employee Engagement on Jive
      • On-boarding presentation to new employees
      • Presentations to groups and departments across the enterprise, especially at regular events like Town Hall meetings.
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          One thing we get a lot of requests for (and which we're working to get out this year) are templates for building successful sites: which tiles to use for different use cases, standard images that can be used as "buttons," fonts, colors, banners, icons, etc.  We work within a DIY/Self Service model, but we've found that normal training materials aren't quite enough to lead people down the right path.  They need more specific building blocks.  So we're going to provide them!


          Jive was on the right track with Help Your Community Members Design and Manage Successful Department Portals, so I suggest you take a look at that blog post.

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            Hello! Our community is called Neo and we have robust support for all types of learners, including documents and NeoBytes for people that need to "see" how things are done before they can go "do." We also offer 30-minute #AskNeo sessions that allow a person or team one-on-one time with a Neo team member to get help in using the features in Neo to get the content they need, build a place, create a gamification mission, etc. We are currently launching an advocates program, and we have just started sending quarterly emails to new employees welcoming them to Neo and giving them pertinent links (how to complete their profile, Neo Help, training, etc.).