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    How frequently do you post on your community? What is too little engagement and what is too much?


      What cadence do you use to engage your community? I'm currently trying to find the balance of too much posting in the community vs. too little. I'd love to learn what you guys are doing at your organizations! Kirsten Laaspere

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          Dennis Pearce

          I don't really think so much about how often I post but rather what I post.  Your question made me think that for me it's three categories:


          1. Answers to questions about our community and using Jive.  When people email me with questions, I encourage them to ask their question in the community so that I can answer it there.
          2. Discussions I initiate about the community and Jive -- things like upcoming features (we are on Cloud so they show up automatically), good practices for collaboration and group/space management, etc.
          3. Things I find interesting, sometimes business-related and sometimes not.


          The cadence of those posts is pretty much whatever it is based on circumstances at the time. 


          Also, I will participate in a discussion I see if I think I can contribute something or if it's fun, but I avoid posting in discussions where there are two sides of an issue with opinions being argued (unless it's related to my own job i some way).  There are many times where I have seen a discussion and really wanted to post a response, but pulled my hands away from the keyboard because I think it's important for me as the community manager to maintain neutrality.  The last thing I would want to see is that I post things that create in some people a personal dislike for me that bleeds over into a dislike for participating in the community.

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            We have several communities that my team manages/maintains. We have plenty of questions to answer and periodic events to post so pretty consistent activity. To be honest, these feel like maintenance items to me, these do provide fairly consistent  interaction with the people we support, which is great but we are not really expanding the value of the community, just reacting to it.


            So two months ago, my team came up with a strategy to post brand new content into these communities at the minimum twice a week. Our folks are busy people so we thought no more than twice a week would be to sufficient for new content, along with the normal routine maintenance items, of course. We also used Jive Projects to create and editorial calendar and assigned tasks to the individuals on my  team and our merry band of knowledge experts to come up with content on a regular basis, so everyone knows what is expected and ensures we have a steady flow of new content for our members to chew on.


            I really like this approach of the editorial calendar because it works for us and we get all kinds of great ideas for content from our team and our knowledge experts. We call it, DYK (Did You Know), series. Also, it has a scheduled routine so our members have come to expect when we will drop new content.  It has been very popular so far, so I will take that as a win.




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              I would say it depends (worst answer ever, I know). For example, if you're telling people to follow a certain place or blog, you'll want there to be consistent, relevant updates there - making it worthwhile. Our Training Library blog now has a new educational tip every week (Tuesdays at 10am EST for consistency) which means there's at least one helpful thing per week in addition to the news and updates we post there as needed. 


              To sum up my thoughts:

              If you have the manpower and the content, post relatively often (though I think more than once a day is probably not necessary).

              If you don't, at least have consistency.  If you say it's going to be a biweekly thought leadership post... make sure you stick to it.


              Relevant anecdote:

              I used to LIVE for NPR's Sandwich Monday. I was faithful - every week - tuning in to The Salt blog to get the new post. I always wanted there to be more, but I knew that every Monday I could count on a new post going up. I still feel the pain of that series being cancelled.

              I lost access to my Jive inbox for a couple days recently and I had to manually check a few key places to see what was new... that was the WORST. Not having consistency to know when something new was coming my way was a huge time suck.