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    Interested in planning a meet up at JiveWorld17?

    Libby Taylor Expert

      Last year we had a meet-up lounge where attendees could schedule meet ups with other attendees. This year we want to improve on that process.


      The Intent of the "Meet Up"

      Meet ups are intended for attendees to get together, to talk to each other, to share ideas in a casual environment. It's not intended to be an opportunity for adding an ad-hoc speaking session. if you are interested in organizing a meet up, we'd love to hear about it!


      When are the Meet Ups?

      They are Tuesday and Wednesday evening from 5:15 - 6 pm. Jive-sponsored meet ups are planned for Tuesday at this time, while Wednesday is slated for attendee-sponsored meet ups. Since we only have a small number of meeting rooms where meet ups can occur, we'll need to have final approval on which meet ups occur in the meeting rooms on Wednesday. Additional meet ups can happen in the lounge areas around the meet rooms.


      If you would like to organize a meet up with other attendees, please comment below with the following information:


      • Topic of the meet-up (Example: "Discuss tips and tricks for using ideas in your community")
      • Organizer(s) name(s): @mention your names
      • Number of anticipated attendees: Make a guess such as 5-10 or 20-30


      To be considered to use one of the rooms, you'll need to expect more than 15 people. For meet-ups of less than 15 people, we have lounge areas that we can reserve for you.


      Important Details

      You'll be totally responsible for pulling together the meet-up agenda and promoting it to get attendees. It will also be listed in the JiveWorld17 mobile app (coming soon). Also, if you are a partner or consultant, we ask that you don't organize a meet up with the sole purpose of selling or advertising your services or products (same rules apply as in our Terms and Conditions).


      Questions? Feel free to post below in the comments.