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    Help! What packing tips do you have for JiveWorld?


      JiveWorks, I need your help! I want to put together a helpful packing list for newcomers to JiveWorld17. It may or may not be also for myself because this is my FIRST JiveWorld! That being said, it's also hard to write a blog about packing tips for an event you've never gone to, so I need your assistance!


      What tips do you have for newcomers? Was there anything you wish you had packed going into JiveWorld last year (or previous years)? Anything from clothing to stocking up on Emergen-C, water bottles, etc. would be helpful! For us newcomers JiveWorld can feel pretty intimidating with so many great events, both formal and informal, indoors and outdoors.


      The weather in Las Vegas during JiveWorld17 is as follows:




      Hit me with those recommendations!


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          KirstenL Beginner

          A few tips:


          Chapstick, band-aids (for the ladies and our fabulous shoes!), ibuprofen and gum are must haves for me.


          I know I rarely go outside - too much fun stuff to do at the conference! - so even though the forecast says 80 and sunny, most of the conference day is spent indoors where the A/C and O2 are pumping in. A scarf/shawl or other layer is highly recommended.


          In regards to fashion and dress codes, I would suggest: be yourself. Are you a jeans and button down kind of person? Rock it. Love your statement necklaces? Bring em on! Feel more comfortable in Keds? Love your 5 inch stilettos? Wear em! All of our communities are unique and so are we. Bring yourself to the table. Everyone is welcome.

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            Dori Gray Advanced

            I didn't have time to change my clothes between daytime and evening activities (the only exception being the final night party), so wear clothing you'd be comfortable in day and night. You'll also be on your feet a lot, and the walk from the rooms to the conference rooms is long. I had to go back and forth a lot, so wear comfy shoes.

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              jimstorer Novice

              Yep. Comfortable shoes are a must. You are inside 90% of the time (and nearly all day during peak temp times), so pack for the lows temps vs the highs. I like Kirsten's advice. Wear what you wear. I usually get more casual as the event goes on.

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                Julie Cardinali Brancik Beginner
                • I have to have Alka-Seltzer.  It's a cure-all for me. 
                • Flip flops.  - Bring comfortable flip-flops to change out your shoes, you'll be walking a lot.
                • Can't stress "layers” enough. 
                • Business cards!  I always forget my business cards!
                • Sunscreen
                • Hat!  The sun is intense.
                • Headphones for the plane (I forgot mine on my last trip, it was a long trip with no movies.)
                • Phone chargers!  Especially an extra mobile battery charger, like this (hot tip, some slot machines have USBs on them now to charge your phone).
                • Electrical converters and adapters if you're coming from overseas!
                • Hand sanitizer / Wet Wipes - I can't use enough of this in Vegas.
                • Prescriptions if you take them
                • If you wear glasses, bring a spare just in case!
                • Paper!  I like to take un-electronic notes.
                • Extra bag / Day bag.  You amass a bunch of junk from the conference, you might need it.
                • Shorts / Bathing Suit
                • Sunglasses
                • Cute outfit for the end of conference party that has historically been at the Cromwell.  Don't know where it's at this year, but it's usually outside. 


                And don't forget the usual toiletries and undergarments!

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                  You guys are awesome! I'm going to have to segment the list by type, but these are all helpful ideas! I didn't even think about business cards. Such an easy thing to forget!

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                    Nick Wallander Novice

                    I am bringing my camera because why not?


                    The real question is "How much room should I save in my suitcase for swag?"

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                      Libby Taylor Expert

                      I'll add to your list Sarah even though I'm fairly sure I wrote the blog last year...

                      • Do not joke about the shoes. Your feet will hurt.
                      • Personal snacks (sometimes you need your own comfort food at 10 pm)
                      • Tums or some tummy settling things because the amounts of drinking and the food are not normal.
                      • Empty water bottle (which we will have as give-aways)
                      • Perhaps some kind of mock-up strap for said water bottle. I used a ribbon from the Cosmopolitan one year, I just didn't have enough hands to carry the water bottle.
                      • Back up phone charger (but we are selling those at the store, so if people need one them can buy them on-site).
                      • Business cards which I totally do not have.
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                        tamerajr Intermediate

                        Some helpful items:


                        Moleskin - I don't care what shoes you wear, you will probably get a blister.  Moleskin is the ONLY thing that I've discovered that will help before or after a blister happens.

                        Tylenol - Just don't forget it.  The low humidity will give you a headache, even if you don't add alcohol (who would do such a thing!).

                        Sweater - The session rooms can range up to 20 degrees so layers is key.

                        Workout Clothes  - If you plan to attend the yoga or early workout sessions, this is a must.

                        Mints - Dry mouth is a huge problem.  (at least for those of us who talk A LOT!)

                        Phone battery backup - Outlets are tough to come by (and usually a huge crowd around them), so if you can get a back up, you'll be fine.


                        Combine that with everything above, and your steamer trunk will be ready for Vegas!  :-)


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                          lynleeswartz Novice

                          What tips do you all have for those of us flying out on Wednesday night?  I'll be arriving late Monday afternoon and then my flight is Wednesday evening at the conclusion of the conference, so my concern is having to check out on Wednesday morning and then toting around my luggage all day.  Are there any tips or designated (and secure) spaces for luggage for people who are following a similar schedule? 

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                            These are all great ideas so I don't have much to add.  Except eye drops.  My day usually starts with the 6 AM yoga and then receptions in the evening leading to additional socializing.  I don't get much sleep so my eyes end up looking like this Image result for red eyes cartoon

                            This year I bought special whitening drops