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    Know Your Unicorn! Your Guest Internal Communities CM will be at JW17!

    KirstenL Beginner

      Hello JiveWorlders! I just wanted to give a shout out to the Jive Internal Communities group and let everyone know that I will be maintaining my Unicorn duties while at JiveWorld.  My guest community management stint lasts through the quarter, so I will be happy to provide community management help and expertise (or help to find expertise!) live @ JiveWorld.


      Obviously you can see that my name is Kirsten Laaspere, so that part's easy (just remember that it's KIRsten (not Kristen or Kiersten). You can connect with me on the JiveWorld app, through JiveWorks, or by looking for this smug mug around the conference (you'll definitely see me at my session about proving the value of the people behind community, not just the value of community itself).


      Looking forward to seeing all the community folk I already know and meeting those I don't. Get ready to nerd out! See you next week!!!