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    Share with group doesn't go into stream in Jive Daily


      I have asked our technical team to log a bug for the following and wondered if anyone else has this issue:


      Summary of issue:

      • I click "share with group" and share a blog about a relevant sales win with an industry group on my platform.
      • I see the shared blog in my 'industry group' stream under News where I follow the industry group.
      • I DON'T SEE THE SHARED BLOG in my stream on Jive Daily.


      This makes the Jive Daily stream incomplete. In an industry practice group the 'shared content' is important. I am unable to push Daily until this is resolved. Using @mention in a comment or using Jive Anywhere inside the platform is not a viable longterm solution because we have been training people to use the 'Share with group' feature.


      Ryan Rutan fyi per our chat.