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    JiveWorld17 Recap Discussion

    astarr@mdsol.com Novice

      Come join the Chicago User Group as we have a JiveWorld17 Recap discussion!


      Dori Gray

      Nik Edmiidz

      Daniel Mudgett

      Tracy Maurer



      Round-robin style


      • Keeley Sorokti
        • Focused on the inaugural L&OD track
        • Sessions were full!
        • She saw a lot of "lightbulb moments" in the audience(s)
        • Implications for taking mature communities to the next level
          • There was a discussion around how session could be structured based on audience experience
        • Integrating the Learning Management into Jive is key
        • Auto-add people to groups is now available!  (and it works in cloud)
          • "Admin Essentials" Add-On can do this
          • Following up on invitees is time-consuming
        • She creates news streams that greatly increases the number of people following a space
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          And I took notes on Adam's experience re-cap...


          First JW. Been working in Jive for 1.5 years, working in Jive for the software testing group, whose content reaches many others. His career has changed a good deal and is interested in leveraging the community management he's doing to become a (tool-agnostic) community strategist. Really saw a lot around the  themes of collaboration and engagement. Also saw much around need to involve executives.


          Keyed in on "telling stories" as a way to drive engagement. That's something I'm interested in working on. How can we become better at telling our stories, especially around data.


          "Letting cynicism whither" -- Saw value in this for improving collaboration by being a little bit more of a cheerleader, "allowing" folks to feel free to collaborate.

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            Keeley Sorokti Advanced

            Ted Hopton -- This is the question that I need to respond to in more detail about how I have created collaboration spaces instead of groups so that I can get a whole group of people (such as everyone in Marketing) to follow a space automatically: How can I set up the auto follow feature for the news streams?


            I may move away from this strategy in some cases if I get the Admin Essentials add-on working but am not sure.


            What you lose from doing this is status updates -- they don't exist for spaces.

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              Keeley Sorokti Advanced

              Much of my reflection from JiveWorld17 is summarized over here in the comments off of Frank Pathyil's blog post: Long time listener. First time caller


              and Kirsten Laaspere's presentation was fabulous How do I prove my value? Measuring the Community Manager and making the case to grow the team.  I've downloaded the slides to get her appendix which includes some helpful templates you can download here: How do I prove my value? Measuring the Community Manager and making the case to grow the team

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                astarr@mdsol.com Novice

                Ted Hopton


                • He felt like he didn't reflect, soon enough, and now he's lost some of it
                • Rachel Hape's discussion
                  • Talking to users is important
                • Wants to 'work out loud' more
                • Wants to switch over to script-based templates (talk by Dane)
                • Sees the importance of using Jive for Onboarding
                  • Kelley will be working on a company-wide Onboarding project
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                  astarr@mdsol.com Novice

                  Christina Zurkawicz


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                      czurcher Advanced

                      Some clarification or expansion on the comment about the Developer Track - other than the Developer Keynote and then "all day in the Hacker lounge" there didn't seem to be specific Developer "sessions" listed before the conference. Roguen mentioned that there were some sessions (possibly added later?) in the app, but I honestly didn't see them or find them. It wasn't until the 2nd day when I noticed that there were people presenting in the Hacker lounge throughout the day that I realized there was "stuff" happening for developers all day beyond the Developer Keynote. In the past, there had been dedicated "Developer Track Sessions" - that were listed, with their titles, and speakers, and topics...and this time that didn't happen. So I had no idea what they were and I had meetings and people to find so wasn't planning to participate in the coding or hacking so wasn't naturally spending time in the Hacker Lounge. The Developer portion needs to be promoted/listed much better!!


                      Ryan Rutan

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                          Ryan Rutan Guru

                          This year was a bit tricky given that we were dedicating an entire 2nd day to new content that couldn't be announced early on, and was a bit later forming than normal.  We put aspects together under a guise of general future looking sessions on Day 3, with no speaker names, given it was all Jivers speaking about topics that still needed to be discussed.  That being said, the Hackathon and Day 2 stuff should have been listed relatively early on?


                          Iain Goodridge Pele Ahloo - just FYI...I think we listed the Developer Track differently this year than in previous years...maybe we need to go back to the original method?


                          Christina Zurkawicz - Can you think of a location we could have better promoted the developer aspects?  Honestly, open for more feedback.  We plan to hold the Developer Track in the Hacker Lounge again next year, keeping developers all in one place...so if we missed people because of advertising...I definitely want to get that rectified.


                          Thanks for the feedback. =)

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                              czurcher Advanced

                              Thanks Ryan Rutan. I definitely saw the Hackathon, but most of what I saw otherwise just showed the Keynote, and then said "all day in the Hacker Lounge" but didn't list much in the way of specific sessions/speakers. Once I got the mobile app, I saw 1 or 2 items that were Developer specific, the IOT one and another about AWS, but otherwise, I didn't really see much of anything, not a full "track" where there was a session in every slot in a dedicated room or space like we'd had previously. Looking at it now (I still have the mobile app) the other sessions for Day 2 are all about the Derby...which doesn't really indicate that it would be a session that covered code or anything. So unless you intended to participate in the Derby, there wouldn't be any reason to go to those sessions.


                              I think it's not so much a problem of where you held the sessions AT JiveWorld but of communication/promotion of that fact prior.


                              The initial page in the agenda that talked about the Developer stuff just said there was a keynote and then "all day in the Hacker Lounge" or something like that - so it didn't even look like there was a track at first. Make it clear that there still IS a Developer Track, that there will be sessions, list them in their own proper Track Listing alongside the rest of the tracks, and promote the heck out of it! Even if they will be held in the Hacker Lounge - that's fine, but do everything else for that track exactly the same way as the rest of the tracks, list all of the sessions, speakers, etc. Even if you're having a Derby or something like that again - if there's a sub-topic that the sessions is going to cover (what aspect of the Derby? Was there some coding involved? Or was it really time trials, or building your car?) call it out. Make sure those are recorded and posted alongside the rest of the sessions afterwards - I'm really bummed that the Dev sessions aren't available now for post-conference viewing because I heard there were some really good ones.


                              So, could certainly be a little bit of a miss on my part, but because it didn't seem to have been presented or communicated the way it was the previous year or as the other tracks were, I didn't realize it was going on until end of Day 2. I'm happy to be a "beta" tester or offer some input next year if you'd be interested. I hate it when people criticize and then don't want to help with a solution.


                              Thanks for the links to the wrap up stuff too.



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                          astarr@mdsol.com Novice

                          Roguen Keller


                          • Focused on the developer content
                          • Hitachi Conference upcoming and debating whether or not to include a Hack-a-thon
                            • They decided to do a Developer Track, instead
                          • Gamification!
                            • Wants to look how he can customize
                            • Looking at how it drives behavior (align it to outcomes)
                          • Product Documentation could be improved with Hitachi products
                          • Internet of Things (IoT)
                            • Raspberry Pi was used for the Lego Derby
                          • Keeley would love to get a write-up to help justify developer attendance at JiveWorld
                            • Learning just one thing can make attendance worth it
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                            tmaurer Jive SME

                            I'm trying to get the Admin Essentials add-on working, and banging my head against a wall. Because it is in GitHub, the documentation is minimal, and so it is hard to determine what we might be doing wrong. I'm scouring JiveWorks to find every reference to it that I can and see if I can piece something together. If anyone has experience using it (in Cloud - very different as an add-on than it was as a hosted plug-in), I'd LOVE to pick your brain.

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