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    How to enable Reconnect service option @ Jive Add-On

    Sachin Patil Novice

      Hello Jiver,


      We have new add-on , looking to unable register and unregistered option.


      We do have the registerURL and unregisterURL links in the meta.json (for our .net piece) along with the method implementations; which are just basic calls with no concrete implementations.


      Immediate assistance would be really appreciated



      "service_url": "https://connectorpreview.xxxxxx.com",

      "registerURL": "https://connectorpreview.xxxxxx.com/jiveapi/api/Registration/RegisterJiveInstance",

      "unregisterURL" : "https://connectorpreview.xxxxxxxxxxx.com/jiveapi/api/Registration/Unregister",



      Sachin Patil


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