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    Tealium in JiveX


      Hello Corey Mathews


      I have a question similar to Reference external javaScript in the Third-party analytics console


      That question does not mention Tealium by name. Can you confirm, specifically through other customers, that Tealium can be installed in JiveX?


      Tealium is Shaw's choice for a tag management solution and has already been rolled out to all public facing Shaw properties already.


      Thank you.

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          Caton Guilbault Expert

          Hi Ryan,


          Does Tealium require the JS to be in the <head>? If yes, then the normal 3rd party Analytics box might not work as those scripts are inserted into the <body> (or at least they are for us). We had to modify our theme to force some JS into the head but we hosted not JiveX.

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              Yeah, I'm not sure about Tealium specifically either, but so long as it is a discrete chunk of JS code that you need placed at the bottom of every page, this should be possible via the third-party analytics box.

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                mcafiero Novice

                Hi Caton Guilbault,


                Just found this post and while it's a year old, thought I'd reach out to you.


                Did you ever get Tealium working with Jive?


                We've requested their support several weeks ago, but Jive has been pretty unresponsive on the issue.


                Does the js work in the footer?  If not, were you forced to abandon your project or did  you find a workaround?



                Mark Cafiero

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                    Caton Guilbault Expert

                    Hey Mark,


                    This is a very timely response as I have a meeting about our Tealium deployment in about 15 minutes. We used a custom Theme to ensure placement of the utag in the head but are finding some JS & JQuery conflicts. I don't know if this is on our end, Jive's or another department of T-Mobile as we have a multi-site Tealium deployment.  I never tried the 3rd party analytics option mentioned above.


                    FYI With Jive, jQuery is redefined as $j rather than just $


                    I think Tealium would be the ones to tell you if placing the utag in the <body> would cause any undesirable effects. The only thing I can think of is the browser might not load the scripts in the right order. 


                    I hope that helps.