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    Rich Content (HTML) From Externally Hosted Activity Stream App?

    Damian Q Novice

      Hi everyone,


      I'm attempting use the Node SDK to create a one-way application that feeds Jive with information from other sources. The catch is that I need to make the content posted look similar to a blog. Therefore, I'll need a way to put in a few nicely placed images, some headings, and bold or italicized text. In an effort to accomplish this I've set up the activity-stream example from the SDK and edited it slightly to send over some HTML in the "description" of the activity object JSON that the application sends over. However, when I check the integration, the HTML I added looks to be stripped out. Is there another way for me to insert rich content like images and pre-formatted text into a Jive stream programmatically? If that's not possible, is there a recommended way for me to insert content that mimics the format of a blog post?