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    Add-on cannot register with Jive

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      I am deploying an Add-on to my Jive server but there seems to be a problem during the activation and registration process. After uploading the extension.zip to Jive and submitting Configuration parameters when pressing "Save and Activate", there is an Alert on the Add-on indicating that there was a problem registering the Add-on. The Node logs show that the connection was refused ("ECONNREFUSED") and shows the IP address of the Jive server (it is probably the requesting IP). I think it's strange that the IP appears at all, rather than the hostname or clientURL that I've specified in the configuration.


      [2017-06-06 22:07:48.737] [DEBUG] jive-sdk - Successful registration request, proceeding.
      [2017-06-06 22:07:48.737] [DEBUG] jive-sdk - Request: https://dev.my.server.com:443/oauth2/token, body: client_id=c5v6g83vj3hexlsc3bis4h81gqztb8cj.i&code=d7cqyn9hju80u8w7wnr2kclr7vbe1sx0.c&grant_type=authorization_code
      [2017-06-06 22:07:48.740] [WARN] jive-sdk - Error making request: {"code":"ECONNREFUSED","errno":"ECONNREFUSED","syscall":"connect","address":"","port":443}
      [2017-06-06 22:07:48.743] [DEBUG] jive-sdk - response body:  no response no body
      [2017-06-06 22:07:48.743] [DEBUG] jive-sdk - Options: {"port":null,"method":"POST","headers":{"Content-Type":"application/x-www-form-urlencoded","Authorization":"Basic YzV2Nmc4M3ZqM2hleGx1YzNiaXM0aLgxZ2Z6dGI4Y2ouaTpxbTBjemVtdWliNWo4ZHZucWg2enprbTBtMXZwbzN1Ny5z","Content-Length":114},"rejectUnauthorized":false,"jar":false,"url":"https://dev.my.server.com:443/oauth2/token","body":"client_id=5v6g83vj3hexluc3bis4h81gfztb8cj.i&code=d7cqyn9hju80u8w7wnr2kclb7vqe1sx0.c&grant_type=authorization_code","encoding":null


      I wonder if it is the clientURL that is causing issues. Node and Jive are installed on the same server. I have used several different values for "clientURL" in jiveclientconfiguration.json: the Jive HTTP URL, the Jive IP address, "localhost", "". I have tried including the port, omitting the port, and changing the value of "clientUrlExcludesPort". Sometimes I see a 404 error, sometimes I see a 503 error.


      Does anyone know what might be interfering with the registration process, or have any suggestions on things I can try to make it work