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    Read Acknowledgement - Acceptance

    martarna Beginner

      After adding a new document that has to be read and acknowledged for legal reasons how could we manage that situation and then after a period of time "if not read" a notification is sent to that user?


      Any ideas would be appreciated.


      Thank You.

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          Ryan Rutan Guru

          So at scale, you best way to check this would be to use the Data Export Service.


          See: Using the V2 Jive Data Export Service (Analytics) to get started.  Note, we are also working on a document that might help ... but it's in an early state at the moment.

          Data Export Service (DES) - Common Queries (WIP)


          Essentially, connect to DES on a periodic interval...filter (i.e. filter=name(ACTIVITY_VIEW_DOCUMENT)) and then add specific place and/or a specific Jive content URL filters.  Then process the results.  If you have a master list of users (many ways to get this), you would be able to identify who hasn't vs has viewed the document.  Similarly, you can track other activity (Likes, Comments, Outcomes, etc..).

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              martarna Beginner

              Thanks Ryan, appreciate the input and feedback.


              e will head down the path you suggested and this could help us get a new customer over the line to Jive so would you have any idea on the amount of time (ballpark) that this would take to achieve - more proof of concept and then we can expand functionality at a later date.





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                  Ryan Rutan Guru

                  To pull the full list of people (via API would require calling /people/@all at-least one time to populate an index of "All Users". Can't imagine that would take long, or if you have the index from another source already?  Keeping index insync with users added/removed can be done outside of Jive or using Jive system webhooks.


                  From their, setting up a cron job to call DES with a start time filter that matches the max activity date of the last execution ... or just wait until the threshold date and run a single query for all activity per document ...  again, shouldn't be crazy.


                  Once this finishes running, you have the means to capture a delta ... all users minus users with users with detected activity ... now you just send your notification (if Jive API, you could do through Inbox, an additional share ... or you can do your own email).

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                martarna Beginner

                Hi Ryan


                As far as I can tell you are still on board so I would like to continue the conversation on the functionality that a potential client has requested.


                Struggling with several parts of achieve this function and would really like to see it as an new function for document management around actions "Mark as Read" and it has come down to this be a show stopper for this client and we are wondering here if it is worth pursuing in light of the considerable changes within Jive and the extensive lack of support we now have.


                Your thoughts.


                Thank you.