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    Mass edit of community documents and discussions


      Hello Jive Support,


      I am in a need to add a certain line to all our discussions and documents. I am looking for a way of doing it using some sort of mess-edit or bulk download-edit-upload method.

      Also, I am looking to know whether there is a way to add that specific line/s as part of the default template for all future content.





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          Ryan Rutan

          So there is no OOtB mass-edit feature. 


          Your best bet would be to using the

          Jive REST API v3.14 → Content service or getContent with place Filter


          Jive REST API v3.14 → Place service and the resources > contents > href

          (also feel free to add any other filters that make sense)


          Iterate through and do a PUT on each content, etc...


          As for starting out with default text, OOtB there isn't a clean way to do that (assuming this is for something like "legal disclaimer").  If so, many people simply put it in the footer of their site, but if you still want to try and seed content ...you can use a Tile/App as the primary mechanism for people to submit content...(i.e. a form based interface that you can control)...and then logically prepend your desired content to the top/bottom/within as needed.


          Hope that helps.



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