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    Jive HTML tile vs Jive HTML widget : supported functionality (e.g. Jive REST API)


      I have been playing around now for some time with the Jive HTML tile and the Jive HTML widget.

      From what I'm experiencing is that the Jive HTML tile is supporting less functionality then the Jive HTML widget.

      Basic JavaScript functions which are working with the Jive HTML widget are not working with the Jive HTML tile.

      I was wondering if there would be somewhere a guide available to explain these differences?


      What I'm really interested in is the difference in the usage of the Jive REST API.

      With the Jive HTML widget I succeeded in executing the Jive REST API.

      So far I didn't achieve to get this working with the Jive HTML tile.

      From what I can find this seems to be possible only with a custom HTML tile.


      Goal is to create a piece of HTML code, different based upon a profile field to go on the landing page.

      Preferably we would like to use a Jive HTML tile for this purpose.

      But depending on the possibilities we should maybe switch to a Jive HTML widget.


      Ryan Rutan could you maybe shed some light on this?