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    Can you host a Bay Area User Group meeting? Let us know!

    kim.nelson Expert

      We are looking for locations to host our bimonthly Bay Area User Groups meetings. Please let us know if you can host 25 - 50 people at your office. If so, we will reach out to you when we are planning our next meeting to secure a new location. Thanks!


      Below are some potential volunteer companies and hosts.


      NameCompanyLocationAccommodation maximum
      Brian MacDonaldNimbleStorageSan Jose50
      Michelle Groff Burling and Jill RossHitachiSanta Clara100
      Rosemary TietgeFileMakerSanta Clara100
      Lillian Bevis and Rebecca BurgessMedAmericaEmeryville30
      Amanda BurkeFehr & PeersWalnut Creek40


      Please add a comment if you are willing and able to host.


      Bay Area User Group - 2017 Meeting Schedule