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    Automatically login a Support Central(SC) user into Jive community when user performs coveo search

    stodkar Novice

      We have a requirement of passive authentication in jive for below use case.


      We have an integration of Coveo search with Jive. It is used to search content from jive and the contents links are displayed as a search result.

      Both Coveo and Jive are SSO configured.


      When user clicks on a link from search result ( discussion or document etc..) it will be redirected to the page but user is not logged into communities.

      If the user is authenticated through SSO in Coveo we want to create an SSO session in jive and auto login the user which is not happening now.


      Can we write an interceptor for such use case to login user seamlessly using SSO?


        Any pointers on this will be appreciated !