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    Looking for some feedback from some awesome community managers...=)

    Ryan Rutan


      Hello everyone, I know it's been a long time since we've probably chatted  (unless you've been following some of my conversations in the Jive Developers community).


      As many of you know...I'm not one preamble ... I'm on a fact finding mission, and I was hoping I could reach out to some of the experts in these groups to share their insights! =)


      In the spirit of the type of questions I used to ask in my The specified item was not found. group, I wanted to ask a relatively simple (yet loaded) question so that I can validate some assumptions I've made about things I'd like to do moving forward.


      If Jive could make any 3 things easier for you as a community manager, what would those things be?  Ideally, answer will result in your ability to do bigger and better things with Jive. 

      Some ideas perhaps to kickstart the imagination:  content management, more better/flexible tiles, reporting, dashboards, site administration, or whatever floats your boat =)


      Some people I know I've talked with in the past who I know usually have 2 cents (or sometimes a solid nickel ) who might be able to kick off the conversation:

      Tracy Maurer Keeley Sorokti Kirsten Laaspere Ted Hopton Dina Vekaria-Patel Kim England


      Hoping everyone had an awesome holiday weekend (or just an epic weekend, if no holidays were involved), and looking forward to sifting through the feedback!  Thanks in advance for sharing any of your top 3 ideas. =)

      Disclaimer:  While this question is being asked by a Jive/Aurea employee, there are no commitments being made by Jive/Aurea to act on any of the feedback shared at this time.  This is purely a research exercise which may prompt a follow-up conversation (by yours truly). =)

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          Hey Ryan good to hear from you and i'm sure this will be a very interesting and lively debate.


          Two things that are at the top of my mind right now and i'm sure Jive are very aware of my views on these topics.


          Encouraging collaboration through WOL. I'd like to see the status update or the ability to bring the activity stream back into either the homepage or into places. If I can't get it in on the homepage I can live with that but not having a tile to create an activity steam as was for many many years is killing the dialogue and serendipity in our community across silos. On the topic of tiles we've been told for nearly 3 years they are the future and yet we've seen very little development out of the box and no roadmap.


          And PLEASE make it easier to clean up our communities whether this is adding the ability to flag content to the author for review annually, being able to suck out outdated tags, easily discover content we could archive. Over the years we've added bits and pieces but it needs to be easier within the core product. Linked to this, prompting content creators to add tags, expiry dates, categories would be very welcome (essentially prompting best practice)

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            1. TILES!!!!
              • Like Kim said, the ability to add an activity stream to pages is REALLY important. I think this could actually be easily facilitated (and I think Jeremy may have said it is coming in 2017.1?) is by adding more configuration options to the Super List tile. Let me select title only, 200 characters, and decide whether people can interact (like, comment) right in the stream. This same functionality would mean I could include a better blog stream as well, which is HUGE!
              • Video tile - I don't want to only be able to feature a single video within a place. I can place all sorts of external videos wherever I want. WHY is it so difficult to feature a Jive native video?
              • Event calendar - Sure we can feature events in a skinny tile, and the formatting of that is nice. But some people have use cases to support showing an event calendar along with other stuff on a page
              • Featured People - Give us more flexibility of display within this tile. Allow us to choose different elements from profiles than the defaults; or add text of our own (like "Contact Mia for benefits info")
              • RSS Tile - There are pseudo-workarounds for this, but none are optimal. You have a widget, and this isn't rocket science. You even have RSS feeds for a ton of stuff inside of Jive, so let us display them easily!!
            2. Community Cleanup
              • I absolutely want the need for content authors to set content reminders for themselves as they create content (documents and videos), and for these reminders to default back to a site admin if the author leaves.
                • Use case - product managers being able to better manage the content they create surrounding their products; with a side effect that the people consuming the product have better confidence that the documentation is up-to-date
                • Workflow
                  • Document (or video) is created
                  • An option at the bottom of the content is "set review date"
                  • When review date is reached, author gets a notification to review content in their Inbox (following Inbox notification settings, could also be email)
                  • Once author reviews the document for validity, a new "last reviewed" field is updated in the document header section (located near create date or last updated date)
                • Options for community cleanup
                  • System default to sending notification to Community Admins if content author account is deactivated
                  • Page in Admin Console that lists content with review dates older than current date
              • The ability to assign (and reassign) who OWNS a piece of content, so that when people leave or move to a new role, people know who to content and any notifications for that content have somewhere to go. AND, this should include some sort of notification for sysadmins when content has been "abandoned" because someone has left
              • Notifications when groups or spaces are abandoned because someone has left. Could also be a page in the Admin Console that lists places and shows the admins (where deactivated accounts are either not displayed, or visually obvious as deactivated)
              • Permission group auto-cleanup - when people's accounts are deactivated, the account should not display as a member of the permission group. Or at the very least, there should be a toggle to show/hide like there is on the user page
            3. Reporting
              • All content types should be included in reporting
              • New functionality should be added to reporting as soon as possible after it is made available
              • Jive Rewards ABSOLUTELY needs to have better reporting (though I believe this is also beginning to happen), AND needs to have the API set available for use in the DES so that if we need something more than is offered in reports, we can get to it ourselves


            Beyond this, better and more timely feedback on the Ideas for Jive. Most of us take a lot of time and care when writing up ideas, and have important use cases that drove us to write them. When the ideas sit for years without any feedback, or are changed to Not Planned without any explanation, it is really disheartening. You can give us bad news, but it is so much better with an explanation than a simple unexplained status change.

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              Having spent a very few minutes today trying to put a dent in my Ideas email backlog, I'm in this mindset!

              Thanks Ryan for starting this discussion. The reading, processing of and voting on ideas is kind of heavy and it's great to step back and reflect and then take a high level view.


              Id also like to give a shout out to those jivers who are not sure they have a place on the other side. No, jive isn't ever going to be the same, but it is YOU who can affect your new corporate culture with *your* values and unique ways of working. And when it seems like the borg has just injected you, persistence, patience and listening to underand will go far. Thanks for all you do!!



              For me, the first item on my list is tiles. Specifically activity stream on pages, perhaps in a tile. Otherwise we are headed back to publish and subscribe model, not interactive and meaningful participation which breaks down the walls and brings us closer together.


              Second Is a selfish one. Enable me to use my time better by giving me access to big tracking jira and let me look for an issue we might be experiencing. It would save us all time, reduce load on support, accelerate my cases, and give me more meaningful answers sooner to pass on to my reporting end users and their super users.


              Third is delivery of a reworked task and ad-hoc project management system. Since the death of producteev this aspect of collaboration has been really lacking. Alan Novy's Liaise.com really had something there for a minute and he's repurposed it in ScribblePost. Todoist's outlook integration was a game changer (as was producteev's back in the day) and they are everywhere on every device. What happened to that beautiful work hub that Ofer showed us two JWs ago?!


              Finally and fourth (and allowing myself an extra since the first was just a piggyback) is a redo of Videos. Encode them for playback on really slow connections. Let me do cool things like the best in class providers do, and then add awesome and groundbreaking collaborative aspects!


              Thanks for listening. I look forward to reading yours, below!!


              P.S. The UI is really showing its age.  

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                I have to echo the really great ideas already posted


                1. Tiles
                  • In addition to the spot-on comments above, the ability to share custom tiles with the community in an easier more collaborative way. We have created some cool custom tiles and have shared some within JW. It would be great to have a repository and help each other by sharing.
                2. Community cleanup - this is huge - we want to keep our community fresh, updated and clean, but jive makes it very difficult. I am working on this project now and it is manual and painful...ouch!
                3. Reporting - a more user-friendly DES interface! help us help ourselves!

                Other things on top of our minds are integrations, page templates and how Jive fits in with O365 and all they have to offer. Executives are having a difficult time justifying both systems and since O365 is already paid for, Jive is the one getting the most scrutiny. Check out this discussion How can we help you differentiate Jive from competitors?

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                  To confirm: The activity tile is not coming in 2017.1! I have not seen it as new feature in the partner webinar...


                  Tracy, we have worked hard on a event calendar tile for one of our customers and we are able to sell it!


                  • The tile displays events from several places in a agenda or table view.
                  • As a user you can filter for tags or categories of the events in the certain view.
                  • As a tile admin configure colors for events of a certain place
                  • Hovering over an event previews the event details,
                  • Users can switch to a table based view which allows printing of the events.
                  • There is one limitation: The tile currently works in Jive On-Premise instances at the moment because the Jive REST API does not allow us to read events for a certain timeframe (to read events for a certain week or month). If Jive is adding this small feature, the tile would also work in Jive Cloud...





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                    Hi Ryan -


                    I am new(ish) to the JiveWorks community and to the community manager position at my company, but some of the things that would be helpful from my perspective include the following:


                    1. Impact Metrics - We are interested in having the impact metrics mean more to our community. Would it be possible to have the impact metrics visible to all space owners/group owners instead of just the original content creator?
                    2. Tag Cleanup - this is something that we have been talking to our TAM about lately. For your reference, we are on Jive 8 and will be upgrading to Cloud. We wanted to get our pesky tags out of our community before we do this, our TAM has provided a work around, but tagging and the subsequent cleanup should be easier.
                    3. Community Manager Reports - I feel that the reports are often missing key things when people ask me for something. One thing that has been asked for a lot recently in my community is historical numbers of followers to a space or a group. Of course, that information is not available, just the followers as of the current point in time.



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                      Dennis Pearce

                      I will second (or third or fourth or whatever) the comments on more tiles and better clean-up capabilities, especially an administrative tag management capability.


                      Beyond the "better tools" discussion, I'd also like to add a couple of more long-term directional ideas:


                      • At JW17 I saw some of the work Jive is doing with regard to social graphs, but one problem I have is that we can't see them.  I would like to be able to have some kind of graphical view of the networks created in Jive and maybe some basic SNA values for a community like density, betweenness, centrality, etc.  I have thought for a long time that there might be certain "archetypal" patterns that would be different for a collaborative team vs. a social intranet vs. a Q&A support site.  Knowing what the shape of a successful community should be and comparing it to your own could be an interesting tool for increasing adoption.
                      • Several years ago I did a lot of research on "lessons learned," something that every company talks about but hardly anyone can do successfully.  I think Jive's structured outcomes are getting close to being a tool to make that easier but aren't quite there yet.  The ability to take all the unstructured knowledge that gets generated in a vibrant community and easily structure it into a "lesson" form could be very powerful.  Things like "correct answer" and "marked as final" are getting close, but an easy way to categorize, sort, search for and display those across the whole community could make it much easier to capture knowledge for reuse.
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                        Dennis Pearce

                        Oh, a few other things:


                        • I keep hearing that Jive is thinking of removing the distinction between groups and spaces and just having places.  The sooner the better in my mind.  Trying to explain the differences to users is really painful.
                        • More flexibility in permissions for who can create groups or spaces, especially subspaces.  I hate the idea that once someone becomes the admin of a space they can go crazy creating subspaces without any administrative oversight.
                        • Decide what you want to do with Projects -- either get rid of them or take them seriously.  Right now they are in this limbo where they exist but don't have any tile support and not a lot of functionality.  Producteev sort of came and went, so I don't know what to tell users who are wondering whether to commit to using them for their projects.
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                          Ryan Rutan

                          First off, ask and you shall receive....thanks for the great start to this conversation! =)


                          Kim England Tracy Maurer Mike O  - WRT to the Activity Stream tile.  Assuming that you are expecting full parity with the previous Activity Stream Widget?  (i.e. Like/Comment/View Comments support for all entries?)  Are there any configuration requirements (i.e. configurable components behavior) that you would expect/need beyond perhaps limiting the number of Activity records?  If so, could you help me understand those scenarios where the extra configurations would be used?


                          Tracy Maurer - Content reminders?  I think I understand the concept, but want to make sure I understand the flow.  How are reminders created: manual or automatic, and by who?  As a content owner, what is the reminder asking me to do?  As a cmgr, seems like this could become a management nightmare.  Is it all content-types, or just Documents?  Kim England mentioned the ability to flag content for review.  Would this work, if there was a tool that could "smartly" show pieces of content in need of review AND make it easy to initiate the review reminder? 


                          Tracy Maurer - Thanks for the list of Tile use-cases there, and great use-cases in clean-up.  Your other feedback is definitely noted as well.


                          Kim Nelson Ashley (Holman) Vallely Dennis Pearce  - Community cleanup.  Can you share the tasks that you are doing, and any feedback around making what's there a bit better (see Follow-up, below)  Tag Management seems to be very big topic here (rightly so), is it safe to assume that Categories should flex based on the tag changes, or are there special requirements for Categories independent of tags?  Also, what is your primary use of tags, or in other words, you want cleaner tags such that you and your users can (?????) better.  Just curious as there are a lot of benefits for clean tags, and just wondering which is your leading use-case (search relevance, ux browse/navigation, api/feed filtering, other)


                          Mike O  - You mentioned task management but also a few other third party technologies.  Are you asking for better integrations between Jive and "third-party tech", or are you asking for better project/task features native in Jive to eliminate the need for "third-party" tech"?  If the latter, which of the many improvements / task use-cases would you put first?  Dennis Pearce  - I personally agree with your general sentiments re: Projects ... and hopeful we'll have some direction on that front soon, but I do not have any I can share today =\



                          The two biggest themes I'm seeing here (thus far):  CMGR management/capabilities and Tiles.  Double-clicking on the first topic a bit ... of the CMGR tasks you perform (assuming they are listed above), is there anything that Jive does do today that is "good enough" but could be better (i.e. offering a UX that does X AND Y together, bulk operations or removing annoying quirks/side-effects that create confusion).


                          WRT to Reporting, one thing that might help per the community sharing model is this document I started a few weeks ago,

                          Data Export Service (DES) - Common Queries (WIP)

                          where people can share use-cases and we could help formulate high-level DES queries and process strategies for DES to obtain.  It's not a perfect answer, but it would definitely help shed some light on high-level themes.  Feel free to edit and/or add ideas in the comments.


                          Thanks everyone for the awesome feedback, even if it is a "Me Too" comment or a simple Helpful/Like...it helps to understand the popularity of an idea!

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                            Ryan Rutan

                            Oh and one other loaded question ...


                            Use-Case:  Third-Party EMBED code snippets, shared custom HTML experiences across places (similar to the Managed Snippets Plugin)


                            Fine as-is with HTML Tiles? Still could be better? If there are problems, what would make it easier?  Is this impeding your ability to deliver a custom-tailored UX-rich community experience?

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                              Thanks much for the feedback, Ryan! I've updated my response to add in (and call out) some details. Hope this gives you what you were looking for.


                              In particular, I had indicated the kinds of configuration options I'd be looking for in an activity stream tile. Jeremy I'm sure talked about adding this into the Super List tile, and I think that is a great way to go as it is much more flexible in terms of what is being displayed as the collection of content, and adds additional configuration options to that. This would be more configurable and therefore suit more use cases than simply bringing the activity stream widget into a tile.

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                                I'm in agreement with a lot of what's been mentioned here.


                                Tiles are important for us because they're lacking right now and it makes convincing our owners/admins to move over more challenging. The Latest Blog Post tile is definitely a lot less appealing than the widget was. People are asking for thumbnails and leading text. I would love to see that.


                                I'd appreciate stronger reporting. And, as Kim said, it would be much better for me if I didn't have to try to figure out the complexities of the DES to get at a lot of that stuff. It puts the onus on us to track down information. And it's not all that easy to get your head around it.


                                I also agree with Dennis that better permissioning for places would be a big positive.


                                For me, stronger integrations on projects would be great. Jive can't be everything to everyone. Focusing on how to integrate with the tools that are inundating the workplace could be a better move. Kim is right about the scrutiny. I had an IT person suggest the other day that we should just switch to Yammer to save money since we already have O365.

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                                  Not sure if this is the actual question you are asking, but here goes.


                                  It would be helpful to be able to categorize the Custom Tiles. Instead of having all Custom Tiles show up in one long lump of a category whose name isn't meaningful to most users, if we could decide where they should go (or be able to create new categories to group them), I think we would have better luck helping community members use them in their places.

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                                    Dennis Pearce

                                    We're in the middle of doing some internal community housecleaning right now so here are a few specific items I'd like to see:


                                    • Sys admin level ability to bulk modify tags.  We have misspellings, plurals and suffixes (blog, blogs, blogging, etc.), same phrases with spaces vs. underscores, etc.  It would be really helpful to be able to clean this up across the community.
                                    • We can convert tags into categories now but it's a one-time thing when the category gets created.  It would be great to have this as an ongoing process.  Example: I want to consolidate two spaces.  I have 50 items I want to move from one space to the other and then delete that space, but I lose the categories when I move them.  If I could bulk-tag the content before moving and then know that it would fall into the right categories during the move, that would be very efficient.
                                    • Ability to bulk delete personal content or content located anywhere but based on the profile view of that content.  I have an idea here:
                                    • Browse Content currently has columns for Title, Author, Latest Activity, Views, Likes, Bookmarks, and Replies.  It would be great if we could sort on any of those columns, not just the few in the dropdown box.  This would greatly help in finding old stuff to delete.
                                    • Similarly, an administrative capability to sort spaces and groups based on amount of content, number of visitors or views, last time accessed, etc. would make it easier to uncover the dead places nobody goes anymore.  A lot of that kind of data is already in the individual place CMRs -- it just needs to be aggregated into a single sortable view.
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