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    Operational Reports


      Hi folks,


      If you had to produce a one page weekly/monthly operational summary report for you're management - what would you include in it?

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          Caton Guilbault

          Depends on the purpose of the site. Our public instance is focused on providing information and a friendly place to have conversation with other customers. Welcome | T-Mobile Support


          This is the list I got as a starting point:

          • Site visits
          • Top 5/10 articles (based on visits)
          • SLA’s (Time to respond, Time to close)
          • Articles Pubished/Removed
          • Completed Projects
          • Backlogged Projects (and estimate of work hours needed)
          • Roadmap (what’s coming)


          I presented the final result here: Measurement Master Class


          At a high level here are the various sections of the report I deliver. Each section has a handful of KPIs that were selected to best represent what it feels like to be a user.


          PerformanceCustomer Satisfaction (CSAT)
          Call Deflection percentage (Def%)
          On-Page Feedback
          ActivitySessions & Users
          Acquisition Channels
          EngagementUser Adoption
          Post & Thread Creation
          Threads viewed by T-Mobile Staff
          Items Moderated & Time to Moderation
          Time to T-Mobile Staff Response
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