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    Any plans to integrate Jive Chime with Jive-x?

    Jeff Shurtliff Advanced

      Does anyone know if there are any plans to integrate Jive Chime with Jive-x, as it is currently only compatible with Jive-n?


      The Jive Chime FAQ Document doesn't seem to have been updated since March of last year, and the latest Jive Chime Update only mentions integration with Jive-n.

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          Thank you for your question.  Per the the blog Jive Chime Update, Jive as a standalone product has been discontinued and is currently only integrated with Jive-N.

          • We are now more focused on our next-gen products, something that we announced at JiveWorld. IM is one of the components that we're working on for the future product version
          • Currently, Jive Chime as a stand alone product is no longer available in the market. We saw much excitement around it but it yields more success when it's connected to the Interactive Intranet solution
          • If you're an existing a Cloud Jive-n customer who used Chime in the past, please work with your TAM to learn more about the situation
          • If you are not a Jive-n customer, I highly recommend you to check it out and even start a free trial: Try Jive-n Social Intranet for Free – Jive Software


          Unfortunately, no new plans have been made to integrate Chime with Jive-X at this time. However, if this is something you and your community are interested in, I would suggest to make a suggestion to the Ideas for Jive space where ideas can be voted on for review for future releases.


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