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    How to force user to follow a specific space when they first create their account on Jive?

    gbrettmiller Beginner

      Related to the discussion at How to force a user to receive inbox notification from a space via REST API ? but a slightly different use case. Instead of wanting to have all users automatically following a specific space when that space is initially created, we would like all new users to automatically follow a specific space in their Inbox when they first create their account.


      A couple approaches I can think of, including adding this as part of the system registration process for a new user or possibly a cron job or similar to find all new users from a certain period (a day, run overnight, perhaps) and then use the REST API example from the other discussion.


      Has anyone done something like this already that you can share? Any other thoughts also appreciated.


      Version:  on-prem 8.0.5