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    What configuration do we have to set up to force a user to re-authenticate every 24 hours on Jive Daily

    xaviermenda Novice

      Hi, a similar question was already asked by another user here : The specified item was not found.  but not answered yet...

      It's not easy to understand the parameters we have to set to make it work. My issue is the same as the one that Matt Petrosky wrote a long time ago :


      "Our policy for remote apps is to re-authenticate with Okta every 12 hours.  So far, I haven't been able to get a combination of settings working that achieves that in Jive Daily using the Access Token and Refresh Token configurations.  We have the box checked to "Allow this add-on to obtain an access token using authenticated session".  But the way I interpret these settings to be working doesn't appear to be the case.


      Any advise from someone who has implemented a similar configuration?  Thanks!"


      Is it possible to have some help here?


      Thank you


      Matt Petrosky  Nate Colpron