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    Language Detection for Integration App


      Hello, JC! I've got a question about language detection and internationalization for a 3rd-party integration I'm building in an Add-on. I've found a partial solution to my needs via the v3 APIs, but there's a last piece that I'm hoping other experts can help me address.


      My Integration App requests a media console that is hosted by a 3rd party. The remote processing of requests for the console supports the detection of a specified language. Therefore, I am supplying the language returned by the Jive v3 REST API, whose value is either the Jive User Preference or the Community default (when no User Preference is specified).


      Unfortunately, there are times where the language provided by the v3 API does not match the language specified in the client's web browser, resulting in content in multiple languages being loaded in the browser. My preferred solution is to mimic Jive's language detection by choosing the browser language if there is no User Preference (before choosing the Community default). I see no way of accomplishing this, however, because the User-Agent header of the request forwarded to Node by Jive is set to "Jive SBS x.x.x.x", replacing the browser's agent information. (Obviously, I cannot access the browser language RESTfully.) Is there some way that the Node backend processes may access the client's browser language preference?


      I would appreciate any insight into currying the browser language through Jive to Node, or any advice on a different approach that would achieve the same results.


      Thanks, everybody!


      ps. Ryan Rutan