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    Customer question about using system webhooks with the node SDK


      Here is a customer question I received via email:

      I am interested in using Webhooks to receive notification on events occurring in Places as well as system events. I ran the Node.Js webhook sample and was able to register the add-on, add the webhook tile to a place and receive event callbacks for posts, comments etc.


      However, I am unable to register for system events.

      In the sample there is a code section in services/webhooks/backend/routes/services.js which registers for a system webhook when add-on is installed.

      However, this call always fails because the community object does not have [“oauth”] section/ access token.

      How do I get this access token suitable for system webhook? Should I add custom configuration to the Add-On upon installation?

      This part is missing from the sample.

      I’d really appreciate your help on that.