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    Creating Collaborative Groups with Tiles


      Hi there,


      We have recently upgraded to Jive 9, and with that are undergoing the transition of moving our groups from widgets to tiles. While we are enjoying the new graphic elements, creating collaborative pages is proving to be a struggle, particularly with the loss of the 'recent activity' widget, and no longer being able to set the activity page as the default landing spot (without sacrificing the use of additional pages).


      Although the pages look nice (graphically), without seeing recent activity, it becomes difficult to know when new content is added, and get a comprehensive look at what's happening in that community. While we know the Activity page exists, this will be a learning curve for our users to start going there. As well, we always appreciated how the recent activity stream drove more engagement - for example, seeing senior management engaging with a  piece of content always encouraged others to do the same. Without this, we are finding the pages appear to lack easy places for collaboration and a view of what's happening.


      Wondering if anyone has found some helpful workarounds or new ideas that they would be willing to share?


      Thanks in advance!!