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    Questions from 2017 Aug 22 Jive/Aurea Roadmap Webinar

      I miss Q&A on Jive webinars, including in the chat window. I liked the openness and transparency among Jive's customers and employees during those exchanges. Seems like those days are gone now that Aurea has acquired Jive.


      I'm still an advocate of transparency. I'm starting this thread for Jive customers to post the questions they have for Jive/Aurea from the webinar this morning. I don't know if my question I submitted during the webinar is actually going to be answered, or if it's going to be edited so that it appears differently, or if it will be attributed to me. I tried to post this in the Customers - Jive Hub but customer questions don't seem to be allowed there. Since the webinar was all about Jive-n, I guess the next best place to post is in Jive Internal Communities.


      So, here's the question I submitted and I invite others to reply with the questions they submitted and new ones that have come to mind since the webinar ended. The ending was inauspicious, I have to say, since we were told at the start that there probably would not be time for questions and that was the reason they would be answered later in some form or another... but the webinar had 15 minutes of scheduled time remaining and instead of answering questions we were "given back 15 minutes of our time." I would have rather used the time for questions.


      My question:

      • Regarding simplification of analytics:
        • Which will the "one source" be? I sure hope it's not the data that Community Manager reports use, since that data is highly problematic.
        • What does this "simplification" mean for the Data Export Service (DES)? Will we continue to have access to that transaction level data?