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    Supressing headers and footers in Jive-x instance for duration of a session

    gjsissons Novice

      Hello Jivers,


      This might be a corner-case unique to us, but I thought I would ask to see if anyone has any suggestions.


      Like most Jive-x sites, we want to use all the features of Jive and expose our community as a standalone website.  We have a new use case however where we would like to share content that exists in Jive through a separate parent portal where the Jive content lives inside an iFrame. We're still working through whether this is feasible, but we would hope to exploit single-sign on so that when someone logs into the existing parent portal via an existing identity management framework, we allow the users to have the same identity in the Jive instance exposed through the iFrame.


      I don't expect this functionality exists presently, but in an ideal world it would be nice if we could reference our Jive instance via a web URL as we do presently and pass an argument like "supress_headers_and_footers".  Something like "https://<jive-instance>?supress_headers_and_footers=true" and have Jive remember this setting for the duration of a user session. This would allow us to place the content cleanly within an iFrame and avoid header and footer information (branding and the like) that would be redundant with what appears on the parent portal.  I appreciate this is probably challenging because Jive wasn't designed with this in mind and some of the functionality probably depends on the header, in particular, being present.


      We could take a minimalist approach to headers and footers so that the content would work in an iFrame, but then the content would not be formatted appropriately to stand on its own as a distinct website.


      Probably a long shot, but I just wanted to ask if anyone has done something similar or has any thoughts on how to achieve this? (perhaps using one of the APIs for example)


      Thanks in advance!


      Neeharika Nagisetty Mark Cafiero 

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          historian Intermediate

          In theory, this could be through the use of javascript (in the header or footer) and some custom CSS within the Jive platform, but it breaks all kinds of best practice rules for Jive.


          Safe to say Jive would absolutely not recommend it.

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              gjsissons Novice

              Thanks Dave. I agree. I've tried both of your suggestions actually. I'm reasonably proficient with JavaScript and CSS, I have a background as a web developer. I've tried injecting CSS and JavaScript in the header and footer. I'm clear on what I want to do, but Jive cleverly deletes my code after parsing it apparently. Smart Jive engineers are totally on top of this, thwarting my every effort, and I can appreciate why! :-) - my efforts look malicious no doubt. The old balance between security and functionality I guess. Being philosophical for a moment, the decision to disallow this functionality has costs too - In the form of additional support requests to Jive and frustrated customers (like me) - Oh well. Water under the bridge. Jive is a great platform. Allowing "super-admins" (what they call me in Jive Cloud) a little more latitude would make all the difference for me. I'm a big fan of Jive to be clear, but I'm afraid these restrictions make Jive unusable for many customers. (My opinion) - Happy to share my thoughts with any Jive employees, although I appreciate the platform is in a little flux right now.

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                Bryce Gilhooly Expert

                I second this answer. Page (or platform level) CSS/JS has been on my wishlist for quite some time.


                If your parent portal is outside of Jive, I expect you're going to see issues iframing your instance as the 'X-Frame-Options' are set to 'same origin'.


                Depending what content you're looking to showcase, it's a higher LOE, but you could look at using their APIs to pull content, it won't be the same experience (or as easy as an iframe), but it's something.