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    Moderating only the creation of content

    sinan.oezdemir Novice



      i need to moderate the creation of an document, once the document created and approved by the moderator, the creator of the document should be able to edit it without further moderation.


      Is there a way to implement this with the existing moderation functionality.




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          Libby Taylor Expert

          Yes, sort of. You can turn on moderation for a space where you would essential have to approve all content before it gets posted.


          So depending on your situation, whether you are creating docs in a group or space, this is possible. The thing is, you can't moderate just one document. It's all or nothing in a space. And if you are creating docs in a group, I don't think there's a way to moderate the content at all.


          Let me know if this would work for you and we can provide you with information about how to implement it.

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