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    Private vs public : where should I post  ?



      In our internal Community a situation keeps repeating itself.

      I'm sure some of you have had to face it and I would like to hear about your choices and feedback .


      Let's say there is a  "private group A" and a "public group B" .

      They both have the same theme, but "Group A" is dedicated to a very specific and technical subject and was created to have specialist discussion and avoid any confusion for generic members of 'Group B".

      The community manager wishes to keep discussions, blogs... posted in Group A as it is categorised, organised and known by users to be here, but at the same time some publication require to be shared in group B which is public.

      The compromise today is either moving the publication from group A to group B and sharing it again in group A - but we loose categories -; or making a copy and paste  - but we face all problems resulting from duplicating content...


      Looking forward to hearing your points of  views.

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          Kara Francis

          Would a set of tagging standards be an option?  So post content intended for both groups in the public one. And then create a search query URL based on the tag(s) that is then listed on your homepage. The

          tags would need to be very prescriptive to avoid pulling in content from unrelated places.  For example if the two groups have to do with Jive,

          let's say. And one category was training materials. The tag would be

          Jivetrainingmaterials Instead of just trainingmaterials.


          But when private group A users click that link, it will display content from both groups (and anywhere else that tag may have been used). Similar

          to categories, this will require authors and CMs to ensure stuff is tagged as desired.


          (Depending on how many categories you are talking about, you could create a "page" that has the super list tile with the actual results of the query)


          This also avoids the need to "share" everything.


          Not sure if this applies to your situation, though.


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