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    Collaboration Feed like Facebook or LinkedIN


      I trying to determine if it's possible to create a collaboration feed, something like LinkedIn or Facebook, inside of my space that would allow end users to share information and ideas without it being part of the Activity tab where development elements appear as well.  Thoughts?  Help?


      Thanks in advance !


      Bill ...

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          Libby Taylor

          Hi Bill, I'd like to get more eyes on your question (the training space isn't really a major Q&A place) so I'm wondering if you are thinking of this inside a company/employee community or in a customer community?

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              Hi Libby,


              Thanks for your response.  This is on an company/employee community where

              I will be hosting this content.  For the time being, here is what I have

              settled with:



              This is just a quick front end that filters the content in the content

              folder into a number of different views, but still allows use of the

              actions to create new materials.  I was hoping for something a bit more

              lick LinkedIn or Facebook.  However, it appears that the tile that serves

              this purpose is about $3,000 and I know that won't fly.  However, if there

              is any suggestions you have for me that would point me in the right

              direction, I would appreciate the help.




              Bill ...



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